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1/ From: MIT2USA at
   Subject: MIT2

2/ From: BOUALEM Malek CNET/DSM/LAN <malek.boualem at>
   Subject: PostDoc CNET (informatique et linguistique)

3/ From:  Federica Busa <fede at>
   Subject:  Computational Lexicographer for Lexem Inc., Cambridge, Mass.

4/ From:  Stanley Peters <peters at CSLI.Stanford.EDU>
   Subject:  Computational Ling: Postdoc Research Position at Stanford U.


1/ From: MIT2USA at
   Subject: MIT2

Jobs at Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2)

Mason Integrated Technologies, Ltd. (MIT2), a leader
in document imaging, language engineering, software
development, and language consulting services, is
expecting to expand rapidly and is seeking highly
qualified individuals to join this small, dynamic team.

Having successfully created the Haitian Creole version
of the CreoleScan(tm) OCR and the CreoleConvert(tm)
orthography conversion software, development will
soon be underway for versions of CreoleScan(tm) and
CreoleConvert(tm) in the Martinican, Guadeloupean,
Reunionese, Mauritian, Seychellois, St. Lucian and
Dominican French-lexicon creoles. Additional language
technology products are also planned for near-future

For the development, marketing and implementation
of its language technology solutions, MIT2 is currently
considering applications for the following types of

* Computational Linguist
* Language Specialists
* Project Manager
* Marketing/Sales Specialist

The job profiles and application procedures are described at:

To learn more about MIT2, its products and services,
visit our other Web site pages:

MIT2 Home Page:

MIT2 Products and Services:

Please address all inquiries and applications to:

VP of Development
Mason Integrated Technologies, Ltd
P.O. Box 181015
Boston, Massachusetts 02118 USA
Tel: (+1) 617-247-8885
Fax: (+1) 617-262-8923
E-mail: mit2usa at

Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd
P.O. Box 181015
Boston, MA  02118  USA
(617) 247-8885 (office & answering machine)
(617) 262-8923 (FAX)
MariLinc at (e-mail)
Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd Home Page:
Orthographically Converted HC Texts Download Site:
Meet Marilyn Mason:
Seychelles Invited Seminar Pictures Page:


2/ From: BOUALEM Malek CNET/DSM/LAN <malek.boualem at>
   Subject: PostDoc CNET (informatique et linguistique)

Recrutement d'un PostDoc pour l'intégration d'outils linguistiques sur le

L'unité de R&D "langues naturelles" du CNET (Centre National d'Études des
Télécommunications de France Telecom), centre de Lannion - France,
souhaite recruter un PostDoc spécialiste en informatique et en linguistique
une période de 12 mois, dès que possible, et idéalement avant Mars 2000.

Le candidat travaillera dans le cadre d'un projet européen sur le thème
des sites web multilingues. Le travail envisagé consiste à participer à la
réalisation d'un démonstrateur de site web intégrant un certain nombre
d'outils d'analyse de documents textuels fondés sur des traitements
pour l'analyse et l'exploitation du contenu des sites dans un contexte
(résumé automatique, traduction automatique, recherche d'information, etc.).

Nous souhaitons recruter un candidat ayant de solides connaissances et une
expérience en développement d'outils linguistiques et ayant des
sur les problèmes du multilinguisme. Par ailleurs, le candidat devra avoir
compétences en:
- Intégration d'applications sur le web,
- Unix, C++, Java, HTML.
- Langues : français et anglais (autres souhaitées: néerlandais, italien,

Les candidats sont priés d'adresser un curriculum vitae détaillé à:
Malek Boualem
France Telecom - CNET/DSM/GRI
2, avenue Pierre Marzin - 22307 Lannion - France
Tel: (33)(0) - Fax: (33)(0)
Email: malek.boualem at
Jérôme Vinesse, responsable de l'équipe Langues Naturelles
Tel: (33)(0) - Fax: (33)(0)
Email: jerome.vinesse at


3/ From:  Federica Busa <fede at>
   Subject:  Computational Lexicographer for Lexem Inc., Cambridge, Mass.

Lexeme Inc., a fast growing natural language company, located
in Cambridge, Massachusetts,  is seeking to hire computational
lexicographers to join its development group.

You will be assisting in the development of the knowledge
resources, working within a multidisciplinary team of linguists,
engineers and programmers.

Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to,
the following:

* Analyze text corpora in different linguistic domains;

* Assist in developing and extending lexical databases;

* Contribute to the creation of automatic tools for
  lexicographic projects;

* Assist in testing and evaluating the contribution of the
  knowledge resources to the overall system.

We are looking for people who enjoy working within a team in
a fast-paced environment. The ideal candidate must be able to
play an active role in the group by combining independent and
creative thinking with specific project needs and deadlines.
The minimal requirement is a university degree with a background
in linguistics or lexicography or at least a very good knowledge
of basic grammatical concepts. Lexeme will provide training on
the job as well as through lectures and technical documentation.

Programming experience is not required but it is a plus.

Competitive salary.

Submit resumes electronically to:

   fede at

or by mail to:

   Federica Busa
   Lexeme, Inc.
   56 JFK St.
   Cambridge, MA 01238


4/ From:  Stanley Peters <peters at CSLI.Stanford.EDU>
   Subject:  Computational Ling: Postdoc Research Position at Stanford U.


    Center for the Study of Language and Information
    Stanford University

The project on Interactive Communication with Intelligent Autonomous
Systems under the direction of Stanley Peters is looking for a
postdoctoral researcher.  Applicants should have background and
interests in two or more of the following areas:

  - design and implementation of real-time computational systems
  - spoken human language theory and technology
  - behavioral analysis of communication among cooperating agents

The ideal candidate will have credentials in system building and in
natural language, as well as a lively interest in agent communication.
The appointment is initially for one year with a potential renewal for
following years.  Salary is negotiable and commensurate with

The project is working in collaboration with the WITAS project at
Linköping University to develop a communications interface between
humans and an intelligent autonomous aerial vehicle.  For more
information on the WITAS project, see the following URL.

Please direct inquiries and applications to

  Stanley Peters
  Stanford University
  220 Panama St.
  Stanford, CA 94305-4115

  peters at

Stanford University is committed to equal opportunity through
affirmative action in employment and we are especially eager to
identify minority persons and women with appropriate qualifications.

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