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                           CALL FOR PAPERS
        2nd Workshop on 'Tabulation in Parsing and Deduction'

                            September 2000
                             Vigo, Spain

                  Sponsored by University of Vigo

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Following TAPD'98 in Paris (France) next TAPD event will be held in
Vigo (Spain), in September, 2000.


Tabulation techniques are becoming a common way to deal with highly
redundant computations occurring, for instance, in Natural Language
Processing, Logic Programming, Deductive Databases, or Abstract
Interpretation, and related to phenomena such as ambiguity,
non-determinism or domain ordering.

Different approaches, including for example Chart Parsing, Magic-Set
rewriting, Memoization, and Dynamic Programming, have been proposed
whose key idea is to keep traces of computations to achieve
computation sharing and loop detection. In addition, tabulation also
offers more flexibility to investigate new parsing or proof strategies
and to represent ambiguity by shared structures (Shared Proof or Parse

The first objective of this workshop is to compare and discuss these
different approaches. The second objective is to present tabulation
and tabular systems to potential users in different application
areas. One major area of application is Natural Language Processing,
where tabulation has been known for a long time (CKY, Earley, chart
parsing). However, sophisticated tabulation techniques are required
for the more and more complex grammatical formalisms now used in NLP
(unification, constraints, structural complexity). Contributions in
other areas, such as picture parsing, genome analysis, or complete
deduction techniques, are also encouraged.

TOPICS (not exclusive):

 -- Tabulation Techniques:
    Chart Parsing, Tabling, Memoization, Dynamic Programming,
    Magic Set, Generic Fix-Point Algorithms
 -- Applications:
    Parsing, Generation, Logic Programming, Deductive Databases,
    Abstract Interpretation, Deduction in Knowledge Bases, Theorem Proving
 -- Static Analysis:
    Improving tabular evaluation
 -- Parsing or resolution strategies.
 -- Efficiency issues:
    Dealing with large tables (structure sharing, term indexing),
    Execution models, Exploiting the domain ordering (subsumption).
 -- Shared structures (parse or proof forest):
    Formal analysis, representation and processing.


The workshop will be a 3-day event that provides a forum for
individual presentations of the accepted contributions as well as
group discussions.


Authors are invited to submit before April 28 a 4-page position
paper or abstract concerning a theoretical contribution or a system to
be presented. Due to tight time constraints, submission and reviewing
will be handled exclusively electronically (LaTeX, PostScript, dvi or
ascii format). Submission should include the title, authors' names,
affiliations, addresses, and e-mail.

The submissions must be sent to David S. Warren (warren at in
gziped encoded postscript.

SCHEDULE (tentative dates):

    Submission of contributions:            April 28, 2000
    Notification of acceptance:             June 1,   2000
    Final versions due:                     June 30,  2000


  Davic S. Warren        -- Univ. New York at Stony Brook, US


  Francois Bry           -- Univ. Munich,                  Germany
  Eric de la Clergerie   -- INRIA,                         France
  Veronica Dahl          -- Univ. Simon Fraser,            Canada
  Manuel Hermenegildo    -- Univ. Polit. Madrid,           Spain
  Baudouin Le Charlier   -- Univ. Namur,                   Belgium
  Mark Jan Nederhof      -- Univ. Groningen,               NL
  Luis M. Pereira        -- Univ. Nova de Lisboa,          Portugal
  Martin Rajman          -- EPFL,                          Switzerland
  Domenico Sacca         -- Univ. della Calabria,          Italy
  Kostis Sagonas         -- Univ. Uppsala,                 Sweden
  David Shasha           -- Univ. New York,                US
  Terrance Swift         -- Univ. New York at Stony Brook, US
  Manuel Vilares         -- Univ. Vigo,                    Spain
  David Weir             -- Univ. Sussex,                  UK


  Manuel Vilares         -- Univ. Vigo,                    Spain


  Miguel A. Alonso       -- Univ. Coruna,                  Spain
  Eric de la Clergerie   -- INRIA,                         France
  David Cabrero          -- Univ. Vigo,                    Spain
  Victor M. Darriba      -- Univ. Coruna,                  Spain
  David Olivieri         -- Univ. Vigo,                    Spain
  Francisco J. Ribadas   -- Univ. Coruna,                  Spain
  Leandro Rodriguez      -- Univ. Vigo,                    Spain


The organisation of the workshop is still subject to modification.
Up-to-date information will be provided on request and be available at


For any information related to the organisation, please contact:

   E-mail: tapd-secret at

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