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                       CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
                              TAPD 2000
        2nd Workshop on 'Tabulation in Parsing and Deduction'

                         September 19-21 2000
                             Vigo, Spain

                  Sponsored by University of Vigo
                        with the support of
                       Caixa Vigo e Ourense
                  and Logic Programing Associates


Following TAPD'98 in Paris (France), TAPD 2000 will be held in Vigo
(Spain), from September 19 to September 21. The workshop will be
previous to SEPLN 2000 (, the
conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing.

Tabulation techniques are becoming a common way to deal with highly
redundant computations occurring, for instance, in Natural Language
Processing, Logic Programming, Deductive Databases, or Abstract
Interpretation, and related to phenomena such as ambiguity,
non-determinism or domain ordering. The workshop will include talks on
a number of topics, including:

 -- Tabulation Techniques:
    Chart Parsing, Tabling, Memoization, Dynamic Programming,
    Magic Set, Generic Fix-Point Algorithms
 -- Applications:
    Parsing, Generation, Logic Programming, Deductive Databases,
    Abstract Interpretation, Deduction in Knowledge Bases, Theorem Proving
 -- Static Analysis:
    Improving tabular evaluation
 -- Parsing and resolution strategies.
 -- Efficiency issues:
    Dealing with large tables (structure sharing, term indexing),
    Execution models, Exploiting the domain ordering (subsumption).
 -- Shared structures (parse or proof forest):
    Formal analysis, representation and processing.

as well as presentations by our invited speakers:

 -- Bharat Jayaraman  (State Univ. of New York at Buffalo, USA)
 -- I.V. Ramakrishnan (State Univ. of New York at Stony Brook, USA)

(See program below.)

Information about participation and registration and an online
registration form are available at




In addition to the invited talks

-- "Applications of Tabled Logic Programming"
   by I.V. Ramakrishnan

-- "Preference Logic Grammars"
   by Bharat Jayaraman

the following accepted papers will be presented by authors:

-- "A Distributed Tabling System"
   by C. Damasio

-- "A formal definition of Bottom-Up Embedded Push-Down Automata and
   their tabulation technique"
   by M.A. Alonso, E. de la Clergerie and M. Vilares

-- "A New Tabling Scheme with Dynamic Ordering of Alternatives"
    by Hai-Feng Guo and Gopal Gupta

-- "A Proposal on Error Repair"
   by M. Vilares, V.M. Darriba and F.J. Ribadas

-- "An Architecture for Multi-Threaded Tabled Engine"
   by R. Marques, T. Swift and J. Cunha

-- "Comparing Tabular Parsers for Tree Adjoining Grammars"
   by V.J. Diaz and M.A. Alonso

-- "Improving Constructive Synthesizers by Tabulation Techniques and
   Domain Ordering"
   by F.J. Galan and J.M. Canete

-- "Interfacing a Tabled-WAM to a Dual-Mode Tabling Subsystem"
   by E. Johnson

-- "Logic Programming Optimizations for Faster Model Checking"
   by Y. Dong and C.R. Ramakrishnan

-- "Pattern Matching as Dynamic Facility to get Aboutness"
   by M. Vilares, F.J. Ribadas and V.M. Darriba Bilbao

-- "Shared Forest can Guide Parsing"
   by F. Barthelemy, P. Boullier, P. Deschamp and E. de la Clergerie

-- "Symbolic Bisimulation using Tabled Constraint Logic Programming"
   by M. Mukund, C.R. Ramakrishnan, I.V. Ramakrishnan and R. Verma

-- "Syntactic Dependency Graph: A Compact representation of
   Alternative Dependency Structures"
   by T. Obrebski

-- "YapTab: A Tabling Engine Designed to Support Parallelism"
   by R. Rocha, F. Silva and V. Santos



  David S. Warren (chair) -- Univ. New York at Stony Brook, USA

  Francois Bry            -- Univ. Munich,                  Germany
  Manuel Carro            -- Univ. Polit. Madrid,           Spain
  Eric de la Clergerie    -- INRIA,                         France
  Veronica Dahl           -- Univ. Simon Fraser,            Canada
  Baudouin Le Charlier    -- Univ. Namur,                   Belgium
  Mark Jan Nederhof       -- DFKI,                          Germany
  Luis M. Pereira         -- Univ. Nova de Lisboa,          Portugal
  Martin Rajman           -- EPFL,                          Switzerland
  Domenico Sacca          -- Univ. della Calabria,          Italy
  Kostis Sagonas          -- Univ. Uppsala,                 Sweden
  David Shasha            -- Univ. New York,                USA
  Terrance Swift          -- Univ. New York at Stony Brook, USA
  Manuel Vilares          -- Univ. Vigo,                    Spain
  David Weir              -- Univ. Sussex,                  UK



  TAPD'98 (Paris, France)



For further details consult,
or contact

TAPD'2000 Secretariat
Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Informática
Campus as Lagoas, s/n
32004 Ourense

E-mail: tapd-secret at
Fax: +34 988 387001

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