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    ****** Evolution of Language Conference  ******
                  Paris, 3-6 April


This  is the third conference in a series concerned  with
the  evolutionary emergence of speech. From a wide  range
of disciplines, we seek to attract researchers willing to
integrate   their  perspectives  with  those  of   modern

The aim is to bring together linguists, computer
scientists, anthropologists, palaeontologists,
ethologists, geneticists, neuroscientists, and other
scientists who are concerned with the question of the
origin and evolution of language.

All useful information (scientific programme,
registration information) can be found at the following

Scientific programme:

Registration information:

You may send a message to:

evolang-registration at

or write to

Wagonlit Evenements, 16, Rue Ballu - 75009 Paris, France

We  invite  you  to  consider sending  your  registration
before March 15
to  benefit from reduced rates (155 Euros, instead of 230
Euros after
this  date).  The number of available places is  limited,
and priority
will be given to early registrations.

    Jean-Louis Dessalles

    Conference : The Evolution of Language
    April 3rd - 6th , 2000
    Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications
    Paris - France

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