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1/ From: Jose Coch <Jose.Coch at>
   Subject: proposition de poste

2/ From:  Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer
   Subject:  WWW Summarizing, U of the Applied Sciences, Germany

3/ From:  Mike Sharwood Smith <M.A.Sharwood_Smith at>
   Subject:  PhD student at Heriot-Watt University, Scotland

4/ From:  Kurt Godden <kgodden at>
   Subject:  Sporgit Technologies, Michigan USA

5/ From:  Daniela Colleoni <daniela.colleoni at>
   Subject: Philips Speech Processing, Vienna Austria

1/ From: Jose Coch <Jose.Coch at>
   Subject: proposition de poste

LexiQuest, société française spécialisée dans les produits TALN pour
la recherche documentaire et les applications d'ingénierie multilingue
dans le domaine de l'internet, recherche de nouveaux collaborateurs
pour rejoindre son département Recherche & Développement. LexiQuest
compte une centaine de collaborateurs en Europe et aux Etats-Unis et
développe des produits en 5 langues.

R&D/EA/2. un/une informaticien/ne JAVA / C++ / Perl

Ingénieur informaticien, disposant d'une expérience similaire d'au
moins 2 ans. L'anglais est fortement souhaité.
Une expérience en ingénierie linguistique serait particulièrement appréciée.
Il / elle participera à la conception, et sera responsable de
de maquettes et interfaces dans le cadre de projets de recherche

Ce poste est à pourvoir à Paris.

Pour ce poste, contactez :


José Coch, LexiQuest
Le Méliès / 261, rue de Paris
F-93556 Montreuil Cedex / FRANCE
Tel: (33)-1-49 93 39 38 / Fax: (33)-1-49 93 39 39
E-mail: jose.coch at


2/ From:  Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer
   Subject:  WWW Summarizing, U of the Applied Sciences, Germany

Rank of Job:
Areas Required: WWW Summarizing for Bone Marrow Transplantation
Other Desired Areas:
University or Organization: University of the Applied Sciences
Department: Information and Communication
State or Province: Lower Saxony
Country: Germany
Final Date of Application: Sept. 30th, 2000
Contact: Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer
Brigitte.Endres-Niggemeyer at

Address for Applications:
Ricklinger Stadtweg 120

Computational linguist / AI researcher wanted!

Your Task:

Your core task is the integration of a cognitively founded WWW
summarization system, using some ready-made components and developing
other subsystems from scratch. The job has also empirical perspectives
in formative evaluation. Student research assistants will help you.

Your Qualifications:

We expect a solid computer science education. A PhD is fine, but not
strictly necessary. You will need WWW technologies, programming skills
and your background in AI and/or computational linguistics. If you are
interested in medicine and hospital information systems - all the

Working Conditions and Contract:

You will join a distributed interdisciplinary team at the University of
the Applied Sciences and the Medical School of Hanover in Northern
Germany. Your physical working place will be at the Medical School.
English is acceptable as a working language.
We want to hire a qualified and motivated colleague as soon as possible.
The salary follows the normal BAT IIa rate for researchers in German
public service. It is sensitive to age, marital status and number of
children. The contract covers two years. Since the project is supported
by the Ger-man Science Foundation (DFG), some specific DFG conditions
apply. We intend to pursue the approach till application.

Some Essentials of System Development:

We are beginning a cognitively founded WWW summarization system for Bone
Marrow Transplantation (BMT), a highly specialized field of internal
- The system language is English, with some limited German search
- Summarization is supported by an ontology of the domain. We develop it
  empirically, starting with a corpus of recent BMT papers, then testing
  and expanding the ontology in its application environment.
- Cognitively founded agents perform the core summarization tasks. They
  cooperate in a blackboard model. Most of them are known from earlier
  research, but not yet fit for real-world application. Domain-specific
  agents must be added.
- Third party components - parser, RST analysis - are integrated. We
  search the WWW and Medline, we exploit UMLS, WordNet and other resources.
- The target system will run on a Mac and Sun platform. WWW access
  starts with Mac OS tools. Our own summarization agents will be
  programmed in LISP.
- We adhere to the principles of user-centered system design. Users have
  participated in project design from the early beginnings.

You find additional information at

Please send e-mail inquiries and applications (with CV and list of
publications) to:

Brigitte.Endres-Niggemeyer at

Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer, Prof. Dr. phil. habil.,
University of theApplied Sciences
Bernd Hertenstein, PD Dr. med., Medical School


3/ From:  Mike Sharwood Smith <M.A.Sharwood_Smith at>
   Subject:  PhD student at Heriot-Watt University, Scotland

Rank of Job: PhD student
Areas Required: linguistics & computer science
Other Desired Areas:
University or Organization: Heriot-Watt University
Department: Languages
State or Province: Scotland
Country: United Kingdom
Final Date of Application: September 10th, 2000
Contact: Mike Sharwood Smith M.A.Sharwood_Smith at

Address for Applications:
Scotland EH14 4AS

Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Applications are invited for a scholarship to undertake research for a
PhD in Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics. The
research involves a collaboration between the departments of Languages,
Engineering and Mathematics at Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, UK.

The researcher will have a degree in Languages, specialising in
linguistics. An interest in computational linguistics and computer
programming is not essential, but an advantage.

The scholarship is for 3 years and will commence on the 1st of October
2000 or as soon as possible thereafter.

For further details please contact Professor Mike Sharwood-Smith in
the School of Languages on tel: 0131 449 5111; ext 4107 or email:
M.A.Sharwood_Smith at and, after September 1st,G.M.Seed at


4/ From:  Kurt Godden <kgodden at>
   Subject:  Sporgit Technologies, Michigan USA

Rank of Job:
Areas Required: Computational Linguist
Other Desired Areas:
University or Organization: Sporgit Technologies
Department: R&D
State or Province: Michigan
Country: USA
Final Date of Application: 9/30/00
Contact: Kurt Godden kgodden at

Address for Applications:
611 1/2  East William
Ann Arbor
MI 48104

Sporgit Technologies, Inc. of Ann Arbor, Michigan is developing speech
recognition applications for mobile professionals.  We have an immediate
opening for a computational linguist.  Duties include (but are not
limited to):

· design and development of grammars to interpret recognition results;
· developing domain-specific lexicons;
· working with the programming team to optimize recognition results
· developing and implementing QA procedures that pertain to fielded NLP
· documenting grammars and developing user training materials;
· performing original research in human-machine dialog

The ideal candidate will possess all of the following (and a good
candidate a significant subset):

· an advanced degree in computational linguistics, or related field
· programming experience, preferably in Java
· experience in the development of NLP products or systems
· understanding of statistical NLP techniques and corpus analysis
· an excellent understanding of context-free grammars
· an excellent knowledge of phonetics
· an  interest in working in an uncertain, ever-changing environment
· a desire to change the world and the work ethic to do so

If you want to learn more about the company and its vision, visit . The Sporgit R&D Lab is currently located on the
edge of the University of Michigan campus, in the heart of arguably the
most exciting city in the Midwest.  The successful candidate will join a
select group of high-performance individuals who are defining the most
advanced speech/NLP product in the industry.  If you have the skills we
need, and if you share our belief that speech systems are the next Big
Thing that will change the world, then we want to talk to you.

Interested candidates should send their resume and a cover letter to:

Kurt Godden, Ph.D.
Director of Linguistics
Sporgit Technologies
611 ½ East William
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
kgodden at
phone: 734-623-7954, ext. 216
Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
 Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.  -Goethe


5/ From:  Daniela Colleoni <daniela.colleoni at>
   Subject: Philips Speech Processing, Vienna Austria

Rank of Job:
Areas Required: Linguist
Other Desired Areas: Computerlinguist
University or Organization: Philips Speech Processing
Department: Human Resources Management
State or Province: Vienna
Country: Austria
Final Date of Application: September 20th, 2000
Contact: Daniela Colleoni daniela.colleoni at

Address for Applications:
Computerstrasse 6

Philips Speech Processing is one of the leading speech technology
companies world-wide. In our competence centers in Vienna, Aachen,
Dallas and Taipei we develop speech recognition and language
understanding software for IT and telecom applications and for voice
controlled appliances - a cornerstone of state of the art software
technology. At our Vienna based Corporate Centre we formulate all
strategic decisions for the world wide speech technology business.

We need to further expand to foster our leading position in this fast
growing market. We offer creative and dynamic personalities the
following career opportunity:

 Language Resources Developer / Speech Recognition

Your major tasks will be:
- phonetic transcription
- lexicon maintenance
- maintenance of text and sound files
- context creation

You bring along:
university degree in computer linguistics
university degree in linguistics with very good computer skills

Social skills:
- good team player
- decision maker
- initiative
- reliable
- independent

basic programming skills (PERL, AWK, PROLOG, or C++)

US-English native speaker

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