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Deadlines MODIFIED, Accommodation ADDED and a New Grant Call (on the last
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The 2001 Asian Association for Lexicography (ASIALEX)
Biennial Conference
August 8-10, 2001
Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

CALL FOR PAPERS, Second Circular

First organized at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 1997
during an international conference on dictionaries and lexicography,
ASIALEX had its first biennial conference at Guangdong University of
Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, in 1999, with some two hundred scholars
attending from a dozen countries of Asia and Europe.
The second ASIALEX conference will be hosted by the Center for Linguistic
Informatics Research (formerly, Lexicographical Center) of Yonsei
University from August 8 to 10, 2001. Prof. Sangsup Lee, current President
of the Association, is Director of the Center.
The general theme of the ASIALEX 2001 Conference is "Asian Bilingualism
and the Dictionary." The organizing committee believe that bilingualism
and the dictionary have special aspects in the Asian context, a subject
that has not received sufficient consideration so far and whose
significance is growing very fast in this age of accelerated
cross-cultural, informatic contact between the peoples of Asia and the
rest of the world.
However, we welcome practically all topics related to the dictionary.
Following is a list of topics we consider to be relevant. Since this is
not exhaustive, other topics may be added.

   1. Corpus Linguistics, Lexicology, Lexicography
   2. Computational Lexicography
   3. Lexicographical Processes and Methods
   4. Language Education and Dictionary
   5. Terminography
   6. Lexicographical Problems in Asian Bilingualism

Renowned scholars and lexicographers, including Patrick Hanks and Murata
Minoru, will speak at plenary sessions. Languages to be used will be
Korean and English.


Authors should first summit abstracts of papers for reviewing.
The submitted abstract should include:

   - title
   - author(s) name(s)
   - affiliation(s)
   - complete mailing addresses
   - e-mail address for correspondence
   - abstract in English (300-500 words)

E-mail submission is also acceptable.
The e-mail submission should be in such popular formats as ASCII plain
text, PDF, PostScript, MS Word, RTF.
All submissions (hardcopy and electronic) and questions regarding
submissions should be sent to:

   ASIALEX 2001 Submissions
   Center for Linguistic Informatics Research
   Yonsei University
   Seoul 120-749 Korea
   e-mail: asialex at

Notification of receipt will be e-mailed shortly after receipt.
Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. The
layout details for camera-ready paper soon will be announced through the
conference web site (, and the on-line
registration form can be found at the same location.

DEADLINES (Modified)
   - Abstract submission: November 31, 2000.
   - Notification of acceptance: December 30, 2000.
   - Final camera-ready copies: May 30, 2001.

All inquiries concerning the conference should be made to the following

   Centre for Linguistic Informatics Research
   (Lexicographical Center)
   Yonsei University
   Seoul 120-749 Korea
   E-mail: asialex at
Phone: +82-2-2123-3511, 4197  FAX: +82-2-393-5001

If you want to reserve a room, please make your choice and let me know of
it through the online registration
      1. Sangnam Guesthouse: 65,000 won single; 80,000 won double
      2. Allen Hall Guesthouse: 50,000 won single: 68,000 won double

      Indicate the nights you want to stay in the guesthouse.
       (   ) Aug. 7   (  )Aug. 8  (  )Aug. 9  (  )Aug. 10  (  )Aug. 11

* Since these on-campus guest facilities are limited in number, early
reservation is strongly recommended.
* Reservation is valid only after deposit is received for a night's
* If rooms are not available in either of the guesthouses, we will reserve
rooms in nearby hotels on individual basis.

Remission of fee and room deposit: Remit to the following

      Account Holder: Lee Sangsup (ASIALEX)
      Account Number: 126-64861-02-001
      Address of the Bank: The Havit Bank Yonsei Branch
                        134 Shinchon-dong, Seodamoon-Gu
                        Seoul 120-749 Korea
*Foreign Exchange Rate: As of July 1, 2,000, US$1.00 is worth about 1,110
Korean won. Please check the foreign exchange rate of your own country.

Grant For Asian Scholars
The Organizing Committee have decided to offer a Grant to invite
outstanding Asian scholars of lexicography who might not otherwise be able
and willing to attend the conference. Although our budget is very limited,
we hope to invite as many excellent colleagues, from as wide a range of
Asian regions and countries as we can. The grant includes both airfare and
accommodations. Grantholders will receive payment for a round-way ticket
from the main international airport of the Asian country where the holder
resides, to Seoul; the ticket must be an economy class discount via the
shortest route. They also will be provided with free accommodation
(breakfast inclusive) at one of our guesthouses on campus and decent
amount of per diem.
Applicants are asked to present their papers at one of the sessions during
the conference. So we hope them to read carefully and act up to the
procedures for participating in the Conference as stated in the attached
documents and the general information about the Aisalex 2001 on its

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