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Thu Sep 28 15:56:31 UTC 2000

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Dear colleagues,

I have the pleasure to announce the official opening of the website and of
the online journal "Marges Linguistiques" dedicated to linguistic issues

Marges Linguistiques, a bi-yearly journal in Linguistics, only available
online on the Web, wishes to reconcile traditional fields in Linguistics,
such as syntax, phonology and semantics with the less unified domains of
pragmatics, conversational analysis, interactional analysis or social

Please find below the first call for
Marges Linguistiques


Thematic issue n° 1 (May 2001) :

Linguistic facts
Data, processes and models
What is a linguistic fact ?

Deadline for the submission of contributions
for the thematic issue n° 1, is the
31 st of december 2000

mailto:contributions.ML at
Languages: french and english

Web site Contents

1- Presentation of the journal Marges
Linguistiques (volumes to be downloaded, format .pdf).
See Orientation éditoriales

2- Ph. D space online. Doctoral theses in Linguistics
can be uploaded, accessed, and downloade.

3- Column: "Scientific journal in linguistics"
creating links with other journals and enabling
the downloading of articles in Linguistics.

4- Updated information on Linguistics Colloquia
and other manifestations.

5- A quarterly information bulletin that can be

6- Numerous links on the web
(ressources in Linguistics on WWW)

7- Discussion Fora at the disposal of researchers.

8- In a near future a round-table with the
participation of specialists from various
areas in the field.


This web site and the journal (enterely free) are targeted towards
researchers, practioners, students interested in the various subareas of
Linguistics, and for a more general public. We would be extremely grateful
if you could pass on this information to interested persons who could
circulate the information in turn.

Thanks to your help, we hope to reach a wider public.
We thank you beforehand.

Enjoy the web site seeing !

Thank you for your comments
and for passing on this announcement

Editor :
Michel Santacroce - Cnrs, University of Provence (France)
dirpubl at

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