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Sixth International Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata

CIAA 2001

<>University of Pretoria

July 23-25, 2001

This conference concerns research on all aspects of implementation and
application of automata and related structures.

Automata theory is the foundation of computer science. Its applications
have spread to almost all areas of computer science and many other
disciplines. In addition, there is a growing number of software systems
designed to manipulate automata, regular expressions, grammars, and related
structures; examples include AGL, AMORE, Automate, FADELA, FinITE,
FireLite, FLAP, <>FSM, Grail, INR,
<>MONA, and Turing's World.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together members of the
academic, research, and industrial community who have an interest in
implementation and application of automata to demonstrate and analyze their
work and to explain the problems they have been solving.


We solicit papers and demos on all aspects of implementation and
application of automata and related structures, including but not limited
    * Bioinformatics and automata
    * Complexity of automata operations
    * Compilers and automata
    * Computer-aided verification and automata
    * Concurrency and automata
    * Data structure design for automata
    * Data and image compression and automata
    * Design and architecture of automata software
    * Digital libraries and automata
    * Document engineering and automata
    * Editors, environments and automata
    * Experimental studies and practical experiences
    * Industrial applications and automata
    * Natural language processing and automata
    * Networking and automata
    * New algorithms for manipulating automata
    * Object-Oriented Modeling and automata
    * Pattern-matching and automata
    * Speech and speaker recognition and automata
    * Structured and semi-structured documents and automata
    * Symbolic manipulation environments for automata
    * Teaching and automata
    * Text processing and automata
    * Techniques for graphical display of automata
    * VLSI and automata
    * Viruses, related phenomena and automata
    * World-wide web and automata


Authors are requested to submit an electronic version (in PostScript or
LaTeX form) or six hard copies of an extended abstract (arriving) by April
2, 2001. An extended abstract should start with the title, each author's
name, affiliation, and e-mail address, and a one-paragraph summary of the
results and ideas, and be sent to:

<mailto:ciaa2001 at>ciaa2001 at
Department of Computer Science
University of Pretoria
Pretoria, South Africa

The extended abstract should provide sufficient detail to allow the Program
Committee to evaluate its validity, quality, and relevance to the
conference. The extended abstract should be at most ten (10) pages long
using 11-point font with ample margins. If appropriate, proof details
omitted in the paper may be added in an appendix.

Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by May 1, 2001.

Final copies of accepted papers must be submitted by June 18, 2001. We
expect the proceedings to appear in the Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in
Computer Science Series after the conference. (See for example, LNCS 1260
and LNCS 1436 for the proceedings of two previous conferences.) We will
distribute a preproceedings for participants at the conference.

Extended versions of selected papers from the proceedings of the conference
series will be solicited for publication in special issues of Theoretical
Computer Science (TCS) and International Journal of Foundations of Computer
Science (IJFCS), alternating each year with the CIAA 2001 special issue
appearing in TCS.


We encourage the submission of software demos. Developers wishing to
demonstrate their software should submit a two-page description to the
address given above by April 2, 2001, outlining the design of their system
and their computing needs (if any).


Gregor v. Bochmann, Ottawa, Canada,


      B. Boigelot (Liege)              J.-M. Champarnaud (Rouen)

      M. Crochemore (Marne la Vallee)  O. Ibarra (UCSB)

      L. Karttunen (Xerox Europe)      N. Klarlund (AT&T)

      D. Maurel (Tours)                M. Mohri (AT&T)

      J.-E. Pin (Paris)                K. Salomaa (Queen's)

      H. Seidl (Trier)                 B. Watson (Co-chair) (Pretoria)

      D. Wood (Co-Chair) (HKUST)       S. Yu (Western Ontario)


      April 2, 2001     Submission deadline

      May 1, 2001        Acceptances and rejections sent out

      June 18, 2001       Submission deadline for preproceedings

      July 23-25, 2001   Conference dates

      Sept. 21, 2001     Submission deadline for SV-LNCS


      ACM SIGACT, EATCS, University of Pretoria


<>CIAA 2000 website
<>WIA'99 website
<>WIA'98 website


<>Pretoria Site
<>Hong Kong Site


<mailto:bwatson at>Prof.Dr. Bruce W. Watson

Co-chair of the <>2001 Conference on
Implementation and Application of Automata

<mailto:bwatson at>bwatson at or
<mailto:bwatson at>bwatson at or
<mailto:watson at>watson at

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