Appel: SEMPRO-2001

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Tue Feb 20 15:51:02 UTC 2001


	   (A workshop in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the
		     Cognitive Science Society)

                    July 31st, Edinburgh University


The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum to present models of
semantic processing (computational and non-computational) motivated by
psychological evidence or corpus studies. Topics of interest include:

- incrementality and underspecification in semantic processing
- lexical access and disambiguation
- semantic composition (e.g., interpretation of modifiers such as adjectives,
  of modal expressions, of negation)
- anaphora resolution
- scope assignment
- detection and exploitation of discourse structure
- semantic interpretation in dialogues (e.g., models of grounding)

We would especially like to encourage the exchange of results between
psychological experimentation, computational modelling, and corpus-based work.
PROGRAM COMMITTEE (tentative): Massimo Poesio, Alan Garnham, Maria Lapata,
Julie Sedivy, Rosemary Stevenson, Peter Wiemer-Hastings

SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Anonymous extended abstracts of at most 5 pages
should be submitted by e-mail to sempro at Include the
words 'Submission for SEMPRO 2001' in the Subject line. Accepted
formats: ASCII, postscript, pdf.

Papers due: April 15th
Acceptance Notification: June 15th.

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