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Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unit
Indian Statistical Institute,


March 26 - 30, 2001

Advisory Committee

Prof. K.B. Sinha, Director, ISI, India, Chairman
Prof. M.G.K. Menon, India
Prof. C.R. Rao, USA
Prof. K.Yamamoto, Japan
Prof. N.Bhattacharya, India
Prof. H.Bunke, Switzerland
Prof. D. Dutta Majumder, India
Prof. J.K. Ghosh, India
Prof. R.M. Haralick, USA
Prof. J.P.Hanton, France
Prof. A. Joshi, USA
Prof. R. Kasturi, USA


Prof. Bidyut Banran Chaudhuri, Chairman
Prof. Swapan Kumar Parui, Convenor
Prof. Nikhil Ranjan Pal
Prof. Ashok Kumar Datta
Dr. Niladri Sekhar Dash
Mr. Ujjwal Bhattacharya
Dr. Mandar Mitra
Mr. Anil Kumar Chand
Ms. Madhumita Pal
Dr. Lopamudra Chaudhuri
Dr. Umapada Pal
Dr. Sarbani Palit
Mr. Utpal Garain
Ms. Shamita Ghosh
Dr. Sanghamitra Saha

Prof. Barbara Fox, Univ. of Colorado, USA
Prof. Harold Somers, University of Manchester, (IST), UK
Dr. Michael Barlow, Rice University, USA
Dr. Richard Sproat, AT&T Labs Reasearch, USA
Prof. Gautam Sengupta, Centre for Applied Linguistics and Translation
Studies, Hyderabad, India
Prof. Rajeev Sangal, Indian Institute of Information Technology,
Hyderabad, India
Prof. B. Yegnanarayana, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India
Dr. Pushpak Bhattacharya, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
Dr. Shantanu Chaudhuri, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
Dr. Soumen Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
Dr. Ramesh Krishnamurthy, University of Birmingham, UK


For over a decade, the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unit of
Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta has been active in research on
various areas related to Language Technology, including Document
Analysis,Speech Processing, and Natural Language Processing.

Under an initiative of the Ministry of IT, Govt. of India, this
Unit has been selected as a Resource Centre for Technology Development
ofIndian Languages, with special emphasis on Bangla.

As a part of this project, we are organizing a workshop consisting
of a series of tutorials on Indian Language Information Technology,
followed by lectures by eminent scientists on this subject.

The goals of this workshop are:
(i) to make scholars aware of recent research, developments, and
applications of Indian language technologies
(ii) to encourage research on Indian language technology, and to explore
new applications of the existing technologies
(iii) to establish contacts with international experts working on various
aspects of language technology
(iv) to consider opportunities for collaborative research and development


* Machine Translation
* Articulatory Phonetics
* Anaphora Resolution
* Acoustic Phonetics
* Corpora Processing
* Speech Recognition
* Quantitative Linguistics
* Morphological Processing
* Speech Synthesis
* Document Analysis
* Optical Character Recognition
* Information Retrieval


Registration is necessary for all participants. Only 50 participants will be
registered on first-come-first-serve basis. Last date for receiving
completed registration form: 31st Jan., 2001.

Registration Fees for the Participants:
*Research Scholars & Teachers from Colleges/Univs. of India : Rs. 500
* People from other Institutions of India : Rs. 2,000
* Participants from abroad                 : US $50

(Registration fees may be waived for deserving participants)
Interested people are requested to mail to:
Chairman: <bbc at> or
Convernor : cvpr at> or
Member: N.S.Dash <niladri at>


Registered participants will be provided accommodation. Accommodation
charges will have to be borne by the participants other than the invited

The workshop will be held at the Seminar Room of the CVPR Unit of Indian
Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India.


Convener, IWTDIL 2001
Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition Unit
Indian Statistical Institute
203, B. T. Road,
Calcutta 700 035, India.

Phone: (91) (33) 577-2088 Ext. 2852
Fax: (91) (33) 577-3035/6680
E-Mail: <cvpr at>

This program is partly sponsored by the Ministry of Information Technology
(MIT), Government of India

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