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		   TMI 2002 - Call for Papers

     The 9th Conference on Theoretical and Methodological Issues
			in Machine Translation

			 March 13 - 17, 2002

			   Keihanna, Japan

The ninth meeting of the TMI conference will be held March 13-17, 2002
near the historic cities of Nara and Kyoto in Japan.

The workshops and tutorials will be held jointly with the Natural
Language Processing Society, Japan.

Important Dates:
- --------------

   Paper Submissions:          October  15, 2001 (Monday)
   Acceptance notification:    December 10, 2001 (Monday)
   Camera-ready copies due:    January  25, 2002 (Friday)

Submission Guidelines:
- --------------------

Authors are invited to submit substantial, original, and unpublished
research on any issues relevant to machine translation. Papers should
be in English, not longer than 10 pages (around 5,000 words),
including references. Topics of interest include, but are not limited

    MT for the Web
    Practical MT (multilingual eCommerce, localization, etc.)
    Methodologies for MT (statistical, example-based, KBMT, ...)
    Speech and dialogue translation
    NLP techniques for MT
    Knowledge acquisition for MT systems
    MT evaluation techniques and evaluation results
    MT for cross-lingual retrieval and question answering

Format & Style Files:
- -------------------

Your paper should be prepared according to the following guidelines
(for authors using LaTeX, there is a style file tmi02.cls available,
which comes with a pair of style files for formatting examples,
gb4e.sty and cgloss4e.sty.
See ):

-The font size should be no smaller than 11pt, and the paper size
 should be A4.

-TMI uses an anonymous review process. Therefore, all
 papers should be submitted with a separate author ID page (in a
 separate file) that includes only the title of the paper, the topic
 area, and the author name(s) and address(es). The paper itself should
 begin with the title and an abstract, but should not include the names
 or addresses of the authors.

-Papers should be submitted as .pdf files only. All papers will be
 submitted electronically; authors must first register before uploading
 papers to the program committee database (details coming soon on the
 Author Resource page).  For bibliographic references, if the author's
 name(s) is/are part of the text, then only the date should be in
 brackets. E.g. "Huddleston (1988) introduced the term ...", not
 "(Huddleston 1988) introduced the term ..."

-Make sure your figures are not wider than the text.  Don't forget to
 use italics for cited words, and double quotes for glosses. If you
 cite non-Roman script please cite as follows: NON-EUROPEAN
 transliteration "gloss" (the transliteration should be in italics).

Program Committee:
- ----------------

    Teruko Mitamura &
    Eric Nyberg (co-chairs)     Carnegie Mellon
    Timothy Baldwin             CSLI
    Christian Boitet            Universit,Ai(B Joseph Fourier
    Andrew Bredenkamp           University of Essex
    Lynn Carlson                U.S. Department of Defense
    Satoru Ikehara              Tottori University
    Hitoshi Isahara             CRL Japan
    Kevin Knight                USC-ISI
    Satoshi Sato                Kyoto University
    Harold Somers               UMIST
    Koichi Takeda               TRL-IBM
    Hideki Tanaka               ATR

TMI 2002 Officers:
- ----------------

Program Committee Chairs:
  Teruko Mitamura and Eric Nyberg, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Publicity and Local Arrangements:
  Francis Bond and Hiromi Nakaiwa, NTT Communication Science Laboratories,
                                   Kyoto, Japan

General Chair:
  Sergei Nirenburg, Computing Research Lab, NMSU, USA

Locations and Times:
- ------------------

TMI-2002 Papers and Panels (March 13-15 (Wed-Fri), 2002)
     NTT Communication Science Laboratories,
     NTT Keihanna building
     2-4, Hikaridai, Seika-cho,
     Soraku-gun, Kyoto, Japan, 619-0237

Workshops/Tutorials (March 16-17 (Sat-Sun), 2002)
     Keihanna Plaza,
     1-7, Hikaridai, Seika-cho,
     Soraku-gun, Kyoto, Japan, 619-0237

TMI 2002 Home Page:

TMI 2002 CFP:

Questions for CFP? Please contact teruko at or ehn at
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