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An MSc student at Leeds University, Zhou Kai Xiong, is working on a
Project to set up a A Web-site for Computer Supported Collaboration in
Chinese and English Computational Linguistics. See and
for prototype website with resources etc found so far.

If you know of any further Corpora or other resources he should add,
please email details direct to mscxkz at
(please do NOT Reply to me)

Xiong is also looking for user guidance on what additional features might
be useful, such as a chatroom facility, Chinese-English machine
translation of web documents, etc.  If you might want to use such a
website, please return the Questionnaire below to mscxkz at

On behalf of Xiong, thanks in advance for any advice.

Eric Atwell, Distributed Multimedia Systems MSc Tutor & SOCRATES Tutor
School of Computing, University of Leeds, LEEDS LS2 9JT
TEL: 0113-2335430  MOBILE: 0775-1039104 FAX: 0113-2335468
WWW:  EMAIL: eric at


1. What is your native language?

a. English  b. Chinese  c. Others

2. What web browser do you usually use?

a. Microsoft Explorer  b. Netscape Navigator  c. Others

3. Would you use chat rooms to discuss research problems with other users?

a. Yes  b. No    (Why? Why not?)

4. What kind of information would you want on this website?

5. How would you classify or categorise resources on this website?

6. I have found three websites that provide free translation tools:
NJStar provides Chinese/English word processing and web-browsing tools,
including "Comprehensive two way lookup English-Chinese/Chinese-English
dictionary", with a one-month free trial download provide free Chinese-English, English-Chinese web on-line
word-level translation, an online bilingual dictionary.
ReadWorld, a real time online translation website, provides free web page
translation service from English to Chinese

Do you think these are useful? Any comments are welcome.

I have not find any websites that provide Chinese-English web page
translation; if you know of one. please tell me!

8. Any other suggestions for links to add to this website:

Thank you for your help

Kaixong Zhou

mscxkz at

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