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TRACTOR is pleased to announce the availability of the following
resources which have recently been deposited in the archive. See for more information on these and the other

 The East African Component of The International Corpus of
 English (ICE-EA)
 Corpus of written and spoken English of Tanzania and Kenya.
 Resource provider: Josef Schmied

 Lampeter Corpus of Early Modern English Tracts
 Historical English corpus.
 Resource provider: Josef Scmied

 Corpus of Italian newspapers
 Newspaper texts of La Repubblica (26m words) and La Stampa (11m words)
 in ASCII files.
 Resource provider: Francois Esvan

 Slovene fiction
 Fiction texts and poetry in HTML format.
 Resource provider: Miran Hladnik

 Database of Russian Family Names
 Resource provider: Serge A. Yablonsky

 Finnish poetry and word databases
 Resource provider: Kimmo Kettunen

 Entropizer 1.1
 Resource provider: Aris Xanthos

 Bigram Statistics package (BSP)
 Resource provider: Ted Pedersen

 Reverse Italian lexicon
 Resource provider: Rodolfo Delmonte

 Corpora, tools and alignments in many European languages.
 Resource provider: THE MULTEXT EAST Consortium

 Speech, Thought and Writing Presentation Corpus (STOP)
 A corpus of modern British English narrative texts (260,000 words)
 representing news, fiction and biography (including
 autobiography). Forms of speech, thought and writing presentation
 have been manually annotated in the corpus.
 Resource providers: Elena Semino, Mick Short and Martin Wynne of the
 Department of Linguistics and Modern English Language, Lancaster

 Free Britain Corpus
 A corpus of recent texts written by Eurosceptics about Britain and the
 European Union, containing approx. 2 million words.
 Resource provider: Wolfgang Teubert

 EU enlargement corpus
 Journalism articles about EU enlargement, c. 600,000 words, HTML.
 Resource provider: Centre for Corpus Linguistics, Department of
 English, University of Birmingham.

In order to access these resources you need to be a member of the
TRACTOR User Community. To join, fill in the user agreement form
(available on the website) and then pay the annual administrative fee
of 50 euros (20 euros to Central and Eastern European countries). If
you want to deposit some resources in the archive, you can join for
free, so this method is recommended! Users have free, unlimited
access to all the resources. See
for more information on TRACTOR and email any queries to
helpdesk at

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Coordinator, TRACTOR Network	Department of English,			Birmingham University
Tel: +44 (0)121 414 2763	Birmingham
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