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The CLASS and ELSNET projects organize an International Bullet Course on Speech
and Language Engineering Evaluation in Paris at the CNRS headquarters, on Monday
July 02nd (afternoon) and Tuesday July 03rd (full day).

contact: Patrick Paroubek at pap at limsi.fr, Registration is NOW OPEN at:
Registration Fee: Regular: 230 Euros, ELSNET: 200 Euros, Projects involved
in CLASS: 200 Euros, Student: 100 Euros

Some of the organizers of the most famous large scale evaluation programs for
Speech and Language Technologies will present an overview of the issue of
evaluation for Speech and Language processing. The questions that will be
addresssed are:
- How does evaluation relates with pre and post activities?
- What are the interest and benefits of evaluation for language engineering?
- What methodologies exists and how are they deployed?
- Relationship with basic research, development and market prospection?
- How is it deployed in the different domains (speech and text processing)?
- What form should it take? Technology evaluation or field/user Evaluation?
- What are the current open issues?
- What metric exists? Are they satisfactory and sufficient?
- How can we take into account or abstract from the subjective human factors?
- What about language resources?

Our aim is to reach high-level executive, decision makers, project managers
but also developer and scientist who want to have a birds-eye view on Evaluation
in Language Engineering presented by people who have been involved in practical
deployement of large scale evaluation programs in language engineering in
the past 10 years.

The course contributors are: J. Mariani (MR/FR), H. Steenecken
(TNO/NL), D. Pallett (NIST/USA), P. Paroubek (Limsi-CNRS/FR), P. Resnik
(UMIACS/USA), Beth Sundheim (SPAWAR/USA), K. Stibler (LMCo/USA),
J. Garofolo (NIST/USA), N. O. Bernsen (NIS/DK), K. Choukri (ELRA/FR).

Patrick Paroubek / Limsi-CNRS (pap at limsi.fr)
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