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Tue Mar 13 19:01:05 UTC 2001

1/statistical machine learning Xerox PARC
2/MPhil/PhD King's College, London


The Quantitative Content Analysis Area (QCA) at Xerox PARC is seeking
researchers/developers who have a strong background (Ph.D or M.S.) in applying
statistical machine learning or pattern recognition techniques to information
access tasks, such as organization and mining of documents and document
collections.  We have developed methods in areas such as summarization, genre
identification, use of multi-modal information in browsing, and topic
identification.  Our current focus is on interactive methods to extract
information from large document collections and to restructure it based on the
needs of individual users.  We are building up a team composed of computer
scientists and engineers, with specialists in natural language and machine
learning.  To be successful, candidates need to have strong programming skills
(Java or C/C++), be able to develop algorithms as well as novel applications
and work well with others on both foundational research and on more
application-oriented research projects in a multidisciplinary (and
multinational) setting.

Experience and qualifications

o PhD/M.S in computer science or related fields with a strong background in
  machine learning, pattern recognition, probability or statistics with strong
  programming skills (Java or C/C++)

o Interest or experience in information access

o Interest or experience in quantitative natural language analysis, image
  analysis and/or user interfaces a plus

o Experience in working with large corpora and net applications is a plus

To apply, please submit your resume via email to istlhiring at,
and identify the position in the subject line as "Quantitative Content
Analysis Area (QCA)".

Xerox is an Equal Employment Opportunity company committed to the principles of
workforce diversity.



New MSc and MPhil/PhD Programs in Natural Language Processing
in the Computer Science Dept. at King's College, London

A new Natural Language Processing research group has been created in
the Computer Science Department at King's College, London. This group
is offering an MSc in Natural Language Processing, which will start in
September 2001, and opportunities for MPhil/PhD studies. For
information on the group and these new programes please consult our
web site at
Inquiries can also be directed to Shalom Lappin (lappin at
or Jonathan Ginzburg (ginzburg at

The Department of Computer Science at King's College anticipates
having two EPSRC funded quota PhD studentships for September,
2001. These will be awarded on a competitive basis to PhD applicants
from any area of computer science. The holder of an EPSRC quota
studentship must be a permanent resident of the UK to receive a
tuition scholarship and a maintenance grant. Residents of a European
Union country are eligible for a tuition scholarship only. Qualified
PhD applicants interested in pursuing research in natural language
processing will be considered for these grants.


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