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International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Issues in Specialized

Edited by Marie-Claude L'Homme and Ulrich Heid
University of Montreal/University of Stuttgart
Consultant: Juan C Sager

Call for Papers

TERMINOLOGY encompasses the subject of terminology both in general (theory and
practice) and in specialized fields (LSP), such as physics, biomedical and
social sciences, technology, engineering, humanities, management, economics,
corporate identity, trade, business administration, arts, law and any other area
in which terminology is essential to improve communication. Its content should
be targeted at the need for information and discussion academically and in the
professions (translation, lexicography, information science, business studies,
computer science and linguistics).
As of 2001 the journal will be directed by Marie Claude L'Homme and Ulrich Heid.

The Editors invite relevant contributions.
Papers can be sent to:
Marie-Claude L'Homme				
University of Montreal
Dept of Linguistics/Translation
C.P. 6128, succ. Centre-ville
Canada H3C 3J7
lhommem at
Volume 7 (2001), 2 issues per year, total 400 pages
ISSN 0929-9971

Terminology is published by John Benjamins Publishing Company,

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