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Dear list members,

BNC Indexer is a tool for those who want/need to use the BNC (British
National Corpus) under Microsoft Windows (9x/NT/2000). The BNC
distribution provides a software tool (SARA) that can select subsets of
the corpus for analysis based on a number of parameters, such as domain,
mode, author age/sex/type, etc. This tool, however, is available only
for Unix users.

BNC Indexer allows you to select sets of files based on any number of
the BNC's original parameters, plus a genre classification developed by
David Lee (david_lee00 at, using a simple, user-friendly
interface. You can also view any BNC file after it has been selected, as
well as export file lists for processing in other applications.

BNC Indexer is FREEWARE, so you can use it free of charge for as long as
you want. Please read the License Agreement in BNC Indexer's Help file.
I appreciate your comments and suggestions (especially if they're

For more info and downloads, visit BNC Indexer's site:

...hope you find it useful!

Antonio Moreno Ortiz

Facultad Filosofia y Letras
Campus de Teatinos S/N
Universidad de Malaga
e-mail: amo at
Tel: +34 952131789
Fax: +34 952131843
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