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   *                                                         *
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   *               Euro Conference RANLP-2001                *
   *                  5-7 September 2001                     *
   *                 Tzigov Chark, Bulgaria                  *
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   *                                                         *

Further to the successful and competitive 1st and 2nd conferences
on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (selected papers
from which were published by John Benjamins as CILT  vol.136
and CILT vol.189), we are pleased to announce the third RANLP
conference to be held this year.

The conference will take the form of addresses from invited keynote
speakers plus individual papers. All papers accepted and presented
will be available as a volume of proceedings at the conference.
There will also be an exhibition area for poster and demo sessions.


We invite papers reporting on recent advances in all aspects of
Natural Language Processing. We encourage the representation of
a broad range of areas including but not limited to: pragmatics,
discourse, semantics, syntax, and the lexicon; phonetics, phonology,
and morphology; text understanding and generation; multilingual NLP;
machine translation, machine-aided translation, translation aids and
tools; corpus-based language processing; POS tagging;  parsing;
electronic dictionaries; knowledge acquisition; terminology;
word-sense disambiguation; anaphora resolution; information retrieval;
information extraction; text summarisation; term recognition; text
categorisation; question- answering; dialogue systems; speech
processing; computer-aided language learning; language resources;
evaluation; and theoretical and application-oriented papers related
to NLP of every kind.


   Branimir Boguraev (IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center)
   Graeme Hirst      (University of Toronto)
   Ed Hovy           (Information Sciences Institute / USC)
   Martin Kay        (Xerox Parc)
   James Pustejovsky (Brandeis University)
   Yorick Wilks      (Sheffield University)


   Ruslan Mitkov (University of Wolverhampton)


   Elisabeth Andre 		(University of Augsburg)
   Galia Angelova 		(BAS, Sofia)
   Lamia Belguith 		(LARIS-FSEG, University of Sfax)
   Branimir Boguraev 		(IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center)
   Kalina Bontcheva 		(Sheffield University)
   Eric Brill 			(Microsoft Research)
   Eugene Charniak 		(Brown University, Providence)
   Key-Sun Choi 		(KAIST)
   Dan Cristea 			(University of Iasi)
   Hamish Cunningham 		(Sheffield University)
   Ido Dagan 			(Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, and FocusEngine, Tel Aviv)
   Richard Evans		(University of Wolverhampton)
   Fumiyo Fukumoto 		(Yamanashi University)
   Maria Gavrilidou 		(ILSP, Athens)
   Alexander Gelbukh 		(National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico)
   Gregory Grefenstette 	(Xerox Research, Grenoble)
   Udo Hahn 			(Freiburg University)
   Nadia Hegazy 		(ERI)
   Graeme Hirst 		(University of Toronto)
   Eduard Hovy 			(Information Sciences Institute / USC)
   Hitoshi Iida 		(SONY Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.)
   Frances Johnson 		(Manchester Metropolitan University)
   Martin Kay 			(Xerox Parc, Palo Alto)
   Alma Kharrat 		(Microsoft Natural Language Group)
   Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova	(Charles University, Prague)
   Lori Lamel 			(CNRS-LIMSI, Orsay)
   Lillian Lee 			(Cornell University)
   Xiaoqiang Luo 		(IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center)
   Inderjeet Mani 		(Georgetown University and MITRE)
   Daniel Marcu 		(Information Sciences Institute / USC)
   Chris Mellish 		(University of Edinburgh)
   Wolfgang Menzel 		(University of Hamburg)
   Andrei Mikheev 		(University of Edinburgh)
   Tony McEnery 		(Lancaster University)
   Nicolas Nicolov 		(IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center)
   Kemal Oflazer 		(Sabanci University, Istanbul)
   Jose Quesada 		(University of Seville)
   Manuel Palomar 		(University of Alicante)
   Ted Pedersen 		(University of Minnesota Duluth)
   Stelios Piperidis 		(ILSP, Athens)
   Gabor Proszeky 		(Morphologic)
   James Pustejovsky 		(University of Brandeis)
   Dragomir Radev 		(University of Michigan)
   Allan Ramsay 		(UMIST, Manchester)
   Ellen Riloff 		(University of Utah)
   Monique Rolbert 		(Universite de Marseille)
   Christer Samuelsson 		(Indigo, Montreal)
   Donia Scott 			(University of Brighton)
   Keh-Yih Su 			(Behavior Design Corporation)
   John Tait 			(University of Sunderland)
   Isabelle Trancoso 		(INEC, Lisbon)
   Karin Vespoor 		(Intelligenesis, New York)
   Piek Vossen 			(Saillabs, Antwerpen)
   Yorick Wilks 		(Sheffield University)
   Michael Zock 		(CNRS-LIMSI, Orsay)


Notification of Submission

Authors should email notification of submission with the completed
form below to <K.Bontcheva at> with subject line:
"RANLP2001 notification of submission". After submitting the
information below you will receive by email a paper ID code which
should be used in all correspondence (including the paper submission).

   # NAME : Name of author for correspondence
   # TITLE: Title of the paper
   # TYPE : paper / poster / demo
   # KEYS : Keywords
   # EMAIL: Email of author for correspondence
   # PAGES: Number of pages (including bibliographical references)
   # FILE : Name of PDF file (avoid RANLP2001.pdf and the like!!!)
   # ABSTR:
   #        Abstract of the paper
   #        . . . . . .
   # OTHER: Under consideration for other conferences (specify)?
   # NOTE : Anything you'd like to add

Submissions should be A4, two-column format and should not
exceed seven pages (poster and demo submissions should be no
longer than 5 pages), including cover page, figures, tables and
references. The first page should state the title of the paper,
the author's name(s), affiliation, surface and email address(es),
followed by keywords and an abstract and continue with the first
section of your paper. Papers should be submitted electronically
in **PDF** format. For up to three free convertions to PDF see
''. In exceptional
circumstances hard copies/MS-Word/PS versions might be accepted.

Send your electronic PDF submission to <R.Mitkov at>
(please quote paper ID - see above 'notification of submission').

Submissions will be reviewed by 3 members of the Programme
Committee. Authors of accepted papers will receive guidelines
how to produce camera-ready versions of their papers for inclusion
in the proceedings.


RANLP-2001 will be preceded by 2 days of tutorials. See for a preliminary list of tutorial


   Paper Pre-registration:     10 May 2001
   Paper Submission Due:       *** 15 May 2001 ***
   Notification of Acceptance: 15 July 2001
   Camera-ready Paper Due:     5 August 2001
   Tutorials:                  3-4 September 2001
   Conference:                 5-7 September 2001


Tzigov Chark is a beautiful resort in the Rhodope Mountains
surrounding the Batak Lake. It is approximately 145 km from
Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The local organisers will
\provide a daily shuttle bus/conference taxi from Sofia
airport to the conference location at an inexpensive rate.


Further information can be obtained from:

   Galia Angelova (OC Chair)
   Linguistic Modelling Laboratory
   Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
   25A Acad. G. Bonchev Str., 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
   galia at


The conference is funded by the European Commission, DGXII
through Human Potential Programme for High-Level Scientific
Conferences (contract number HPCF-2000-00329).


If you would like to receive information you may subscribe
to the conference mailing list by sending an e-mail to
majordomo at with a body (no subject)
'subscribe ranlp2001'. When you receive the confirmation
e-mail, please make sure that you return the requested code
to confirm your subscription.
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