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      AMLaP-2001            Call for Papers            AMLaP-2001



      SAARBRUECKEN           GERMANY         20-22 September 2001

- AMLaP-2001

This is a call for submissions to the 7th annual conference on Architectures
and Mechanisms for Language Processing (AMLaP-2001), to be held in
Saarbruecken, Germany from September 20-22, 2001.

The aim of the conference is to bring together psychological, computational,
and theoretical perspectives on the cognitive mechanisms which underlie any
aspect of human language processing. Submissions which integrate
experimental psycholinguistic investigations with formal or computational
models of psychological processes are especially encouraged.

   Invited Speakers:
      Jeff Elman           Univerity of California, San Diego
      Dan Jurafsky         University of Colorado, Boulder
      Michael Tomasello    MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig


This years conference will also include a special session on the theme:

        "Experience-based Models of Language Processing"

For this session, we strongly encourage relevant submissions on topics
including (but not restricted to):
 * Models whose mechanisms are derived on the basis of experience
         (e.g. statistical, connectionist, memory-based)
 * The use of corpora as a model of linguistic experience
 * Experimental evidence addressing the role of experience/exposure
 * Combined models of language acquisition and performance

Papers for this session should be submitted via the normal submission
procedure. Assuming a sufficient number and quality of submissions for the
Conference special session, we intend to publish a special issue of the
recently established journal Cognitive Science Quarterly.


The deadline for the submission of abstracts of both spoken and poster
presentations is Monday, June 11th 2001.

Abstracts should be no longer than 400 words (excluding references), and
should be in plain ASCII text.

 * At the top of the abstract, please include authors'
   names, affiliations, and email addresses

 * Please leave several blank lines before indicating
   whether the abstract is for consideration as a PAPER
   or as a POSTER, and giving the title. Abstracts rejected
   as papers will automatically be considered as posters
   unless explicit instructions to the contrary are given.

Abstracts should be submitted by email to: submissions at
The subject of the message should be:  "abstract submission".
Notifications of acceptance will be sent before July 13th.


AMLaP will be held in the Saarbruecken Castle (Schloss) located in
central Saarbruecken, overlooking the Saar river and the city. The Schloss
is a modernly renovated castle providing both a stimulating setting and
excellent conference facilities. Saarbruecken is located in south-western
Germany on the French border and about 100km from Luxemburg.


Information about participation and registration will be available soon on
the conference web pages, and in a subsequent announcement.

Further information is available at:

Queries should be directed to: amlap2001 at

General information about AMLaP is available at:

Conference Chairs:
  Matthew W Crocker
  Frank Keller
  Christoph Scheepers

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