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Mon May 28 18:06:33 UTC 2001

1/              Centre for Computational Linguistics, UMIST
                Lecturer in Computational Linguistics

2/                      European Post-Graduate College
               "Language Technology and Cognitive Systems"
                         Saarbruecken - Edinburgh
             Centre for Computational Linguistics, UMIST
                Lecturer in Computational Linguistics

The Centre for Computational Linguistics (CCL) was created
almost 25 years ago, and has an established reputation for
teaching and research in NLP, specializing in multilingual
applications of CL, notably Machine Translation and Computer-
Assisted Language Learning.

CCL now has a vacancy for a Lecturer in Computational
Linguistics. The successful candidate will conduct research in
any topic relevant to the Centre?s main research interests, CALL
and MT. The candidate will also contribute to postgraduate
teaching on MSc courses in MT and CALL and will be
expected to supervise MSc and PhD students. We are looking
for someone with a PhD, teaching experience, and plenty of
ideas for research grant applications. An active research profile
is essential, and the successful candidate will have a reasonable
publication record as well as experience of funded research, at
least as a contributor if not as principal investigator.

Salary will be within the Lecturer A scale:  £18,731-£23,256
per annum.

For an application form and further details please write to: The
Personnel Office, UMIST, PO Box 88, Manchester M60 1QD,
enclosing a self-addressed envelope.  Please quote reference:
LE/A/122.  Informal enquiries can be addressed to
Harold.Somers at The closing date is 30 June 2001.

Harold Somers
Professor of Language Engineering
Director, Centre for Computational Linguistics
UMIST, Manchester

preferred email address for all correspondence:
Harold.Somers at

                      European Post-Graduate College
               "Language Technology and Cognitive Systems"
                         Saarbruecken - Edinburgh

Saarland University is pleased to announce the availability of four doctoral
scholarships, beginning October 1st, 2001, in the above programme.
Doctoral degrees may be obtained in computational linguistics, phonetics,
and informatics, from Saarland University. Each scholarship will be funded
for two years initially (extendable to three years).

The European Post-Graduate College has been established in cooperation
between Saarland University and the University of Edinburgh (Division of
Informatics) - two leading institutions in the fields of computational
linguistics, artificial intelligence and cognitive science who are
collaborating in offering a joint post-graduate education programme. The
cooperation includes

* a six to twelve months research stay in Edinburgh
* joint supervision of dissertations by lecturers from Saarbruecken and
* an intensive research exchange programme between Saarbruecken and
  Edinburgh (including, for example, an annual two-week forum attended by
  college members and lecturers from both centres)

The college focuses on the computational and cognitive foundations of human
language processing, particularly emphasising the following research areas:

* language understanding (including spoken language processing and
  psycholinguistic modelling)
* inference and reasoning
* knowledge representation, lexicon, and ontology
* data-intensive language models (including corpus-based and statistical
  language modelling)
* dialogue and language generation (computational and cognitive models)

Lecturers in Saarbruecken are M. Pinkal, H. Uszkoreit (computational
linguistics), W. Barry (phonetics), M. Crocker (psycholinguistics), M.
Kohlhase, J. Siekmann, G. Smolka, W. Wahlster (informatics/AI). In
Edinburgh, lecturers include M. Fourman, E. Klein, A. Lascarides, C.
Mellish, J. Moore, J. Oberlander, M. Osborne, M. Pickering, M. Steedman, P.
Taylor, B. Webber, and C. Williams.

The scholarship provides up to DM 2,870 per month. Additional compensation
includes family allowance (where applicable), travel funding, and an
additional monthly allowance of approximately DM 1,410 for the stay in

Applicants should hold a strong university degree in one of the relevant
areas, and they should not be more than 28 years of age. Female scientists
and international students are particularly encouraged to apply.
Applications should include

1. a curriculum vitae (including a list of publications, where possible)
2. a sample of written work (e.g. research paper, or dissertation,
   preferably in English)
3. copies of high school and university certificates
4. two references (to be sent directly to the college speaker)
5. an informal cover letter specifying interests, previous knowledge and
   activities in any of the relevant research areas. The letter should
   indicate the area in which the dissertation is to be conducted
   (computational linguistics/psycholinguistics, phonetics, or
   informatics/AI): where possible, it should include a brief outline of
   research interests to be pursued within the scholarship.

Applications should be sent to the speaker of the college (see address
below). Closing date for applications is May 31st, 2001.

   Prof. Dr. Matthew Crocker (Speaker)
   Department of Computational Linguistics
   Saarland University
   P.O. Box 15 11 50
   D-66041 Saarbruecken, Germany

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