Appel: Journal issue on Resources in Stylistic and Literary Analysis

alexis nasr alexis.nasr at
Wed May 30 14:42:12 UTC 2001

The editors of Style invite contributions to its regular yearly issue on
resources in stylistic and literary analysis.   Contributions may
include such materials as reviews of texts that present state-of-the-art
theoretical approaches to literature; essays that reassess, or revisit,
classic texts in analysis; reviews of statistical or text-processing
software; reviews of texts on analytic technique (e.g., corpus studies,
statistics, prosody); translations of important non-English essays;
interviews with leading theorists, critics, and authors; reviews of
textbooks; programmatic statements from innovative graduate and
undergraduate programs in English studies; reviews of important and
useful web sites; reviews of important and useful conferences; annotated
bibliographies or bibliographic essays focused on areas in stylistics.

Submissions for the next resources issue, scheduled as volume 36, number
4, are due 15 May 2002.  Please submit three copies, accompanied by a
150-word abstract and following the Modern Language Association's
conventions for documentation.

Submissions or correspondence concerning submissions should be addressed
to Donald E. Hardy, at dhardy at, or at Department of English,
Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60116-2854.
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