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Apologies for cross-posting and for having to send a second message
concerning this call for interest for fellowships. First responses
have shown that the circular sent out in July needed some

1. Please note that, for the application to be valid, you MUST hand in
the official application form (available at ).

2. Before applying, please have a close look at the eligibility
 criteria ),
 in particular the ones regarding nationality and age.

3. For a list of eligible nationalities, see . Please note that applications
from nationals of the PECO countries (Pre-Accession Countries) are
particularly welcome, as are applications from female researchers.

4. For post-doc grants (category 30), it is not necessary to fill in
the section 'research objectives and content' in detail. At this
stage, two or three lines indicating the general field of interest
will be sufficient.


Readers of this list may be interested in knowing that there is an
open call for scientific fellowships at the European Commission's
Joint Research Centre in Ispra near the Lago Maggiore in Northern
Italy. You will find information on this subject at the site .

For fellowships to work specifically on Language Technology (LT)
applications, please have a look at the Research Fellowships at ISIS
(Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety; The
JRC work program sections most concerned with Language Technology
applications are I.3.a and I.3.b (Serving the Citizen - Benefiting
from the Information Society). For a brief description of our LT work,
see below.

The team working on LT applications is rather small so that we only
anticipate a very limited number of grant assignments in this field.
Commencing date is likely to be Spring 2002, but the application has
to be handed in by 15 September.

Applications for post-doc grants (Ph.D. or equivalent work experience;
3300 - 5000 Euro/month) with a duration of between 6 and 24 months are
preferred over applications for post-graduate grants (duration of 6 to
36 months; 2300 - 3500 Euro/month).

Current LT activities at the EC's Joint Research Centre

We are a small, multi-disciplinary and international team of
scientists and developers working on a range of applications with
focus on giving cross-language information access to multilingual
textual data. Applications of interest are

- multilingual retrieval of potentially relevant documents using
  intelligent agent technology

- document analysis, incl. the recognition of the document language,
  the recognition of named entities, the identification of open class
  and closed-class keywords, text classification and document
  similarity calculation

- visualisation of the contents of single documents (document
  profiles) and of whole document collections (document maps)

As we are aiming at eventually covering all eleven official EU
languages, we concentrate on mainly using statistical methods which
can be ported from one language to the other without an enormous
amount of manual effort. For questions, you can contact Ralf
Steinberger. In case of interest, please send a recent CV describing
your experience and interests.

Dr. Ralf Steinberger (ralf.steinberger at
European Commission, Joint Research Centre (
T.P. 361
I - 21020 Ispra (VA)
Tel: + 39 - 0332 78 6271
Fax: + 39 - 0332 78 9098

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