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Thu Apr 25 16:04:22 UTC 2002

The Cognitive   and  Communication  Technologies  (TCC)   division  of
ITC-Irst has   an  opening for  a  position  (three years,  renewable)
starting as soon as possible.

We require:

- experience in one or more of the followings: Information Extraction,
  Question-Answering, Word-Sense Disambiguation, Statistical   Methods
  for NLP, Learning Techniques Applied to NLP, Text Summarisation;

- programming expertise including some  of the following: JAVA, Common
  Lisp, Perl, XML;

- a university degree in  computer science, computational linguistics,
  linguistics, or related area;

- good working knowledge of English;

- excellent written and verbal communication skills;

- ability   and willingness  to  work  as  part of   a highly skilled,
  collaborative research team.

Salary will be competitive and commensurate to experience.

The successful candidate will  work as a part  of the team devoted  to
the EU-funded project MEANING.

MEANING will be concerned  with automatically collecting and analysing
language data  from   the WWW on  a  large  scale, and  building  more
comprehensive multilingual lexical knowledge bases to support improved
word sense disambiguation (WSD).  Current  web access applications are
based on   words;   MEANING will open   the  way  for  access  to  the
Multilingual   Web  based on  concepts,    providing applications with
capabilities    that   significantly      exceed  those      currently
available. MEANING will  facilitate development  of concept-based open
domain  Internet   applications (such   as  Question/Answering,  Cross
Lingual  Information  Retrieval,  Summarisation, Text  Categorisation,
Event  Tracking, Information Extraction,  Machine  Translation, etc.).
Furthermore, MEANING will    supply a common conceptual structure   to
Internet documents,  thus  facilitating  knowledge management   of web

To apply, please send a CV plus list of publications to:

  Fabio Pianesi
  Head of the TCC Division,
  38050 Povo (TN)  Italy
  email: pianesi at

and to

  Barbara Mezzabotta
  38050 Povo (TN)  Italy
  email: mezzabo at

Applications via e-mail are welcome.

About ITC-Irst. Located  in one of the  most beautiful area  of Italy,
near   the  Dolomites, Irst  (Istituto  per  la  Ricerca Scientifica e
Tecnologica)  is a major Italian  research  centre operating in fields
such as: Artificial Intelligence,  Microsystems, and Surface  Physics.
The Artificial   Intelligence area comprises the  following divisions:
TCC  (Cognitive and   Communication  Technologies),  SSI  (Interactive
Sensory   Systems)   and  SRA   (Automatic  Reasoning   Systems). Irst
(presently  directed by  Luigia Carlucci Aiello)   has a long score of
important achievements  in all the areas   of its activity, testifying
its vocation towards excellence in basic  and applied research, and in
technological transfer.
About the TCC  division.  The Cognitive and Communication Technologies
division of IRST is one of the leading European research groups in the
areas of  Natural Language Processing, Human-Computer  Interaction and
Dialogue  Systems,  Multi-modality,  Natural Language Generation,  and
Production and Maintenance of Linguistic  Resources. Committed to both
basic   and applied research, TCC has   consolidated links and pursues
joint research efforts with many of the main research centres all over
the   world, and has regular   and fruitful relationships with primary
companies, especially those operating in the Web world. TCC has a long
record of EU funded projects. As part of ITC-Irst, TCC  is a member of
the European Network of  Excellence  in  Natural Language and   Speech

For more information about TCC, see
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