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Fri Feb 1 16:07:53 UTC 2002

     Final Call for Papers: Second International Natural Language
		   Generation Conference (INLG2002)

PAPER SUBMISSION DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 14, 2002.  Simultaneous submission
to other conferences permissible.  See below for details.

Conference web site:

The Second International Natural Language Generation Conference
(INLG2002) will be held July 1 to 3, 2002 at the Arden Conference Center
in the Ramapo mountains near New York City, USA. Transportation to and
from New York City will be provided.  This conference continues the
twenty-year tradition of ten biennial workshops and (in 2000) the First
International Conference on natural language generation.  The conference
will precede ACL, which will be held July 7 to 12 in Philadelphia, a one
hour train ride from New York City.

For the general sessions, substantial, original, and unpublished
contributions to natural language generation are solicited. As always, the
conference will be open to all submissions on all topics related to natural
language generation.  We are also encouraging submissions on two featured
topics: natural language generation in speech-based systems and natural
language generation in document summarization.  There will be separate
sessions and invited speakers on these two topics, and the program
committee will include researchers from these areas who can contribute a
unique perspective to research on generation.  All submissions, whether on
one of the featured topics or not, will be handled by the same program
committee.  A separate track will be offered for Student Papers.  There
will also be a separate demo track.

The INLG2002 program committee invites papers describing original research
on but not limited to the following topics:

   * Featured topic: Generation in speech-based systems, including:
        o Dialog management and utterance planning in dialog systems
        o Models of intonation in generation
        o Concept-to-speech generation
        o Difference between spoken and written language generation
        o Evaluation of generation in speech-based systems
        o Applications
     This topic does NOT include papers exclusively on speech synthesis;
     INLG2002 is not an appropriate venue for such papers.
   * Featured topic: Generation and document summarization, including:
        o Content selection and integration for summarization
        o Sentence selection and generation models of paraphrase and
        o Evaluation
        o Applications
   * Multimodal and multimedia generation
   * Multilingual generation
   * Text planning, discourse models, argumentation strategies, content
     selection and organization
   * Sentence realization, formalisms and models of grammar, sentence
     aggregation, lexical choice
   * Architecture of generators
   * Knowledge acquisition and resources for generation and summarization
   * User-customized generation and summarization
   * Psychological modeling of discourse production
   * Learning methods for generation
   * Evaluation methodologies for generation
   * All applications of generation, including areas such as data
     summarization, web mining, knowledge management, and mobile

We plan to hold all presentations in the plenary hall with no parallel
tracks. There will be no separate workshops at the conference; however,
there may be generation-related workshops at ACL.  There will be an
informal demo session, please contact Owen Rambow for details.

Simultaneous submission of a paper to INLG 2002 and other conferences
will be permitted, provided that it is clearly marked.  However, papers
presented at INLG 2002 can only appear in the INLG 2002 proceedings.
Submission to the main session should describe completed
work. Submission to the student session may describe work in progress.



The deadlines are coordinated with those for ACL as follows.

 Conference               INLG                    ACL

 Paper Registration
 Deadline                 none                    January 25, 2002

 Paper Submission
 Deadline                 February 14, 2002       February 1, 2002

 Notification of
 Acceptance               April 8, 2002           April 8, 2002

 Camera ready Copies Due  May 9, 2002             May 10, 2002

 Conference               July 2-3, 2002          July 7-12, 2002

Submission Procedure

Submissions may be no more than 3,200 words in total length, exclusive
of title page and references.  Submissions should use the 2000 ACL latex
style aclsub-style.  All papers should be submitted in electronic form
as PostScript, PDF or MS Word file.  A secure web site for submitting
papers will be available soon and there will be a link from the
conference web site, .

Program Committee

   * Owen Rambow, AT&T Labs -- Research (co-chair)
   * Matthew Stone, Rutgers University, USA (co-chair)

   * Inderjeet Mani, MITRE and Georgetown University (in charge of
     "Summarization" featured topic)
   * Marilyn Walker, AT&T Labs -- Research (in charge of "Spoken Language
     Systems" featured topic)

   * Regina Barzilay, Columbia U., USA
   * Tilman Becker, DFKI, Germany
   * Sandra Carberry, University of Delaware, USA
   * Morena Danieli, Loquendo, Italy
   * Laurence Danlos, Universit'e Paris 7, France
   * Barbara Di Eugenio, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
   * Michael Elhadad, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
   * Kevin Knight, ISI, USA
   * Emiel Krahmer, TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands
   * Jon Oberlander, U. of Edinburgh, UK
   * Mick O'Donnell, U. of Edinburgh, UK
   * Drago Radev, U. of Michigan, USA
   * Ehud Reiter, U. of Aberdeen, UK
   * Norbert Reithinger, DFKI, Germany
   * Karen Sparck-Jones, U. of Cambridge, UK
   * Tomek Strzalkowski, SUNY Albany, USA
   * Nigel Ward, ATR, Japan
   * Ingrid Zuckerman, Monash U., Australia

Student Session Program Committee

   * Noemie Elhadad, Columbia University (chair)

Local Arrangements

   * Kathy McKeown

For more information email Owen Rambow at rambow at or
check .
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