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Il m'a semble utile de diffuser le message,
que vous trouverez ci-dessous, qui concerne
l'offre d'emploi diffusee sur LN le 7 février,
linguist - Asian, Mid.Eastern, Slavic languages

Alexis Nasr

Le message est le suivant :

To all who received Mr. Marshall's e-mail regarding linguist jobs:

Before you sit for a polygraph "test" for this job, you need to know
that these "tests" depend on the polygrapher lying to and deceiving you
about the nature of the procedure (and on your ignorance and fear). The
polygraph "test" is a pseudoscientific fraud designed to elicit
admissions from naive and gullible subjects, and while it has an
inherent bias against the truthful, it can also be easily defeated by
deceptive subjects through the use of simple countermeasures that
polygraphers cannot detect (despite their unsubstantiated claims to the

Download's free book, The Lie Behind the Lie Detector,
to learn the truth about polygraphy that the agencies which rely on it
don't want you to know:

And visit the message board for discussion of
polygraph issues:


George W. Maschke
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