Conf: COLING Workshop, Grammar Engineering and Evaluation

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COLING Workshop - Grammar Engineering and Evaluation

Sunday 1 September 2002


08h45-09h00 Welcome and Introduction

09h00-10h30 Session I: Grammar Development I

The Parallel Grammar Project
Miriam Butt, Helge Dyvik, Tracey Holloway King, Hiroshi Masuichi,
Christian Rohrer

The Grammar Matrix: An open-source starter-kit for the rapid development
of cross-linguistically consistent broad-coverage precision grammars
Emily M. Bender, Dan Flickinger, Stephan Oepen

Parallel distributed grammar engineering for practical applications
Stephan Oepen, Emily M. Bender, Uli Callmeier, Dan Flickinger,
Melanie Siegel

10h30-11h00 Break

11h00-12h30 Session II: Grammar Development II

A development environment for large-scale multi-lingual parsing systems
Hisami Suzuki

Adapting existing grammars: The XLE approach
Ronald M. Kaplan, Tracy Holloway King, John T. Maxwell III

Coping with problems in grammars automatically extracted from treebanks
Carlos A. Prolo

12h30-13h30 Lunch

13h30-14h30 Session III: Formalisms and Approaches

A classification of grammar development strategies
Alexandra Kinyon, Carlos A. Prolo

Encoding and reusing linguistic information expressed by Linguistic
Caroline Hagège, Gabriel G. Bès

14h30-15h30 Panel Session

How does a formalism influence grammar engineering? HPSG, LFG, LTAG
& The Rest

15h30-16h00 Break

16h00-17h00 Session IV: Evaluation

Grammar and lexicon in the robust parsing of Italian: Towards a
non-naïve interplay
Roberto Bartolini, Alessandro Lenci, Simonetta Montemagni, Vito Pirrelli

Machine translation as a testbed for multilingual analysis
Richard Campbell, Carmen Lozano, Jessie Pinkham, Martine Smets

17h00-17h30 Discussion and Closing Remarks

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