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International Colloquium for Electronic Document
Colloque International sur le Document Electronique

"Semantic Approaches of Electronic Document"
La Rochelle (France, June 22-25, 2004
To be held as part of "la Semaine du Document Numérique"
("Week for Electronic Document")

Since 1998, CIDE organizes scientific meetings on topics of broad
interest and importance for progress in electronic document
studies. The objectives are to put together complementary approaches
from various disciplines, and to promote academic and industrial
results in this area. The seventh main conference purpose is to focus
on semantic approaches of electronic document processing.

Semantic-oriented approaches have long been considered sceptically by
practitioners or researchers, to the benefit of so-called "surface"
processing, considering "form" rather "content" or "meaning". This
view already began to change. Significant progress has been done in
the last years, either relative to text document (e.g. in the area of
information extraction, question answering, automatic
summarisation...), or other medias (content-based indexing of
audio-video documents, pictorial or sound information extraction,
summary of musical or video works...). Moreover, the big challenge of
the "semantic web" project is to elaborate formal descriptions of the
content of documents and other resources, in order to make them easily
accessible and interoperable.

Another, radical, viewpoint would be to consider that even "surface"
or "numerical" processing is in fact, if closely observed, of semantic
nature. If "sense" does not reduce to "information", producing any
information is producing sense. Lexical disambiguation, even if based
on a statistical method not relying on any linguistic theory, does
solve a lexical-semantic problem. A program extracting thematic
descriptors computes this minimal meaning : "what this document is all
about", etc.

The aim of CIDE.7 is to bring the light on these questions. Two
aspects are to be considered :

- Presentation and discussion of experiences and advances addressing
the semantic analysis of electronic documents, according to the
various medias (text, audio, video), and their networking (semantic
web) ;

- Methodological investigations in order to establish the basis of a
truly semantic approach in document engineering.

The conference will include :

- A presentation of communications in response to the present call ;

- Invited conferences providing syntheses on the different kinds of
semantic processing ;

- A final panel, in collaboration with other conferences taking part
in the "Week for Electronic Document".

Conference topics

The topics addressed by CIDE.7 include (but are not limited to) the
following :

- Applications : content-based information retrieval, information
extraction, inside-document browsing, hypertext structuring, analysis
of technical, as well as artistic or literary documents...

- Description of document content : indexing, tagging,
enrichment... of the whole or segments of documents, constitution of
terminologies or ontologies, formalisms for representation of
descriptions (rdf, topic maps...), semantic trans-modality

- Processing methods for analysis and use : semantic and semiotic
methods specific to the different kinds of documents (text, image,
audio, video), collaboration of symbolic and numerical methods,
constitution and use of corpora, document bases integration, web

- Methodological investigations : sense and use, relation between
forms and sense, similarities and differences between medias,
collaboration for certain tasks...

Language of the conference

The main language is French. However, papers and presentations in
English are welcome.


Instructions for authors are accessible on the web site of
CIDE.7. Declarations of intention to submit a paper will include
keywords and a 200 words summary. They have to be sent in pdf
format. The full papers will not exceed 15 pages (according to the
provided style sheets). The presentation of submitted papers should be
the same as for the final ones.

Important dates

- Declarations of intention to submit (optional) : as soon as
- Paper submission : February 1st, 2004.
- Notification of acceptation : March 15, 2004.
- Final papers due : April 15, 2004.
- Conference : June 22-25, 2004.

Contact and informations

Lydie Sauvé, Département d'informatique, Campus II, bd Maréchal Juin,
Université de Caen, 14032 Caen Cedex

Web Site :

Email (informations) : cide7 at

Email (submission) : cide7-soumission at

Program Comity of CIDE.7

Chair : P. Enjalbert (U. Caen), M. Gaio (U. Pau)

M.H. Antoni (U. Poitiers), T. Baccino (U. Nice), B. Bachimont (INA et
UTC), F. Cerbah (Dassault Aviation), J.P. Desclés (Lalicc, U. Paris
4), C. Faure (ENST), S. Ferrari (U. Caen), C. Fluhr (CEA), B. Grau
(LIMSI), P. Laublet (Lalicc, U . Paris 4), G. Mourad (Lalicc, U. Paris
4), A. Napoli (LORIA), M-P. Pery Woodley (U. Toulouse 2), I. Saleh
(U. Paris 8), K. Tombre (LORIA), B. Victorri (CNRS-ENS), G. Vignaux
(CNRS-LCP), H. Vinet (IRCAM), J.Vivier (U. Caen).

Organising Comity

S. Ferrari (coordination), F. Bilhaut, E. Faurot, V. Perlerin,
C. Turbout, A. Widlöcher

Permanent Comity of the CIDE Conference

M. Bellafkih (Morocco), J. Caelen (France), J. Ducloy (France),
M. Gaio (France), J. Gardes (France), J-L. Hainaut (Belgium), P. King
(Canada), J. Labiche (France), M. Leonard (Swiss), J-P. Raysz
(France), J-M. Robert (Canada), Z. Sahnoun (Algeria), M. Szmurlo
(France), L. Thomazo (France), E. Trupin (France), J. Virbel (France),
J. Vivier (France), C. Vanoirbeek (Swiss), K. Zreik (France,

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