Appel: Workshop on The Software Engineering and Architecture of Language Technology Systems

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Fri Feb 14 16:57:19 UTC 2003

                                Workshop on
The Software Engineering and Architecture of Language Technology Systems
                                31 May 2003
                                Edmonton, Canada

A number of researchers argued in the early and middle 1990s that the field of
computational infrastructure, or architecture, for Natural Language
Processing, merited an increase in attention. The reasoning was that the
increasingly large-scale and technologically significant nature of NLP science
was placing increasing burdens of an engineering nature on R&D workers seeking
robust and practical methods. Over the intervening period a number of
significant systems and practices have been developed in what we may call
Software Architecture for Language Engineering. Of the most prominent are:

RAGS, Reference Architecture for Generation Systems (Brighton and Edinburgh)
LT XML (Edinburgh)
TEI, CES, XCES (Oxford, Vassar, etc.)
Galaxy Communicator Software Infrastructure (MIT & MITRE)
Protégé (Stanford)
GATE, a General Architecture for Text Engineering (Sheffield)

This workshop represents an opportunity for practitioners in this area to
report their work in a coordinated setting. The value to the community at
large will be to get a snapshot of the state-of-the-art in infrastructural
work, which may indicate where further take-up of these systems can be of

We solicit papers from the following research areas, and other allied topics:

The Architecture of Language Technology Systems (LTS)
Standards of best practice
Standards for knowledge transfer and code sharing between LTS
Language resource construction and management
Relationship of LTS to Semantic Web architectures
Engineering LTS for different purposes
Comparative Reviews of Architectures
Comparative experiments of different architectures and implementations
Data Sharing in LT Systems
Knowledge storage
Message Passing
LT System project management
Strategies for Distribution and Scalability
Data Models

Instructions for Authors
Due to the short time for submission two types of papers will be accepted,
Full papers: 7-8 pages
Short papers: 1-6 pages.
Short papers will be given half the speaking time of full papers. No
differentiation will be made in the publication of the Proceedings. The
Organisers reserve the right to request a paper to be reduced to short paper
length if they believe it is appropriate. This policy is aimed at encouraging
researchers who have experimental plans that have not yet been tested by
implementation, or by papers that are exploratory or speculative. Significant
review papers aimed to point the way to the future are also encouraged.

Papers should be in PDF format and formatted according to the HLT-NAACL
guidelines (
t.html). Do not anonymize submissions, since reviewing for the workshop will
not be blind. Authors are strongly encouraged to use the style files
accessible through the above web page.

Send your submission to Jon Patrick (jonpat at
Important Dates
Paper submission deadline: 23 March
Notification of acceptance for papers: 7 April
Camera ready papers due: 14 April
Workshop date: May 31

Jon Patrick, University of Sydney (
Hamish Cunningham, University of Sheffield (

Program Committee
Xabier Artola Zubillaga, IXA, University of the Basque Country
Stephen Bird, Melbourne University
Kalina Bontcheva, University of Sheffield
Walter Daelemans, Universities of Antwerp and Tilburg
Thierry DeClerck, University of Saarland (CL-Lab) and DFKI (LT-lab)
Bill Dolan, Microsoft Research, Redmond
Alistair Knott, Otago University
Mark Maybury, MITRE Corporation
Diana Maynard, University of Sheffield
Alan Marwick, IBM, TJ Watson Laboratory
Cecile Paris, CSIRO, Australia
Yorick Wilks, Sheffield University
Ming Zhou, Microsoft Research, Beijing

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