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                    S E N S E V A L - 3
       Evaluation Exercises for Word Sense Disambiguation
                     an ACL-SIGLEX event
                         March 2004

             Final Call for Interest in Participation

             The call will close on June 15, 2003

Senseval ( is the international organization
devoted to the evaluation of Word Sense Disambiguation Systems. Its
mission is to organise and run evaluation and related activities to
test the strengths and weaknesses of WSD systems with respect to
different words, different aspects of language, and different
languages. It's underlying goal is to further our understanding of
lexical semantics and polysemy.

Senseval-1 took place in the summer of 1998 for English, French, and
Italian, culminating in a workshop held at Herstmonceux Castle,
Sussex, England on September 2-4.  Senseval-2 took place in the summer
of 2001, and was followed by a workshop held in July 2001 in Toulouse,
in conjunction with ACL-2001.  It included tasks for Basque, Chinese,
Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Spanish, Swedish.

             We are now getting ready for SENSEVAL-3!

Senseval 3 evaluation is scheduled to take place in March 2004, and
the workshop is planned for July, hopefully in conjunction with ACL-04
in Barcelona. As with previous evaluations, participants will be
provided with training data, and will have the chance to test their
systems on common data sets.  Similar tasks will use the same data

16 different tasks have been proposed for Senseval 3. We are now
seeking to get feedback from potential participants, and kindly ask
those who may be interested to participate in one or more Senseval-3
tasks, to fill in the call for interest in participation form
available at:

Please fill in this form before June 15, 2003. Your feedback is very
much appreciated and will help us better organize Senseval-3!

Thank you,

Rada Mihalcea and Phil Edmonds
Senseval-3 coordinators
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