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         COLDOC' 2004

     The Setting up of Observables in Linguistics

Young researchers' conference - Nanterre, France - April 29 & 30, 2004

The young researchers of Modèle, Dynamique, Corpus (UMR 7114 CNRS -
Université Paris-X Nanterre) research team, are organizing a young
researchers' conference, scheduled for April 29 and 30, 2004, at Paris
X-Nanterre Université campus.

The setting up of observables in linguistics is the central topic of
this conference, i.e. defining and making use of both attested and
constructed data.  Young researchers from all fields and domains of
linguistics are, therefore, invited to submit a paper. Postgraduate,
Ph. D. and postdoc students are invited to provide useful insights and
experience on their respective research areas.

Communications addressing methodological and theoretical issues
related to the process of setting up linguistic data, as well as data
collection and utilization are expected. For example, communications
addressing one of the following issues are expected:
- Relevance and selection of linguistic data;
- Corpora and emerging linguistic phenomena;
- Oral, written or signed data collection methodology and practice;
- Questions related to corpora related tools, transcription and encoding;
- The use and place of quantitative methods, both generic and specific;
- Qualitative methods;
- Language, text genres or discourse comparison.

Each conference session will start by an invited speaker's talk. A
roundtable will be held at the end of the conference. Communications
should last 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes for questions.

The deadline for proposals is set on January 26, 2004. Communication
proposals will be evaluated anonymously by the scientific
committee. Authors are invited to send two separate files, in Word
format: first a two pages long summary (3000 signs) of their
communication, second a file stating the authors' names, e-mail
address, affiliation, together with the title of their communication.
Authors may also state their preference regarding the format of their
communication: oral, or poster. Communications will be evaluated
according to a range of selection criterions, favoring those papers
which fully address the issue stated above, which show methodological
relevance and scientific interest, and which state their point

Communication proposals, as well as other requests should be addressed
to: <sylvain.loiseau at>, or by postal mail, to the
following address:

     ColDoc' 2004 MoDyCo (UMR 7114)
     Secrétariat sciences du langage
     Université Paris-X Nanterre, Bât. L
     200, avenue de la République
     92001 Nanterre Cedex

We look forward to welcoming you at Nanterre Université for the
occasion of the conference.  The Organizing Committee: Antonio Balvet,
Sophie Hamon, Sylvain Loiseau, Ali Tifrit, Cécile Vigouroux.

Scientific Committee:
Driss Ablali
Karine Baschung
Gabriel Bergounioux
Simon Bouquet
Nick Clements
Marcel Cori
Sophie David
Annie Delaveau
Bernard Fradin
Françoise Gadet
Nathalie Gasiglia
Philippe Gréa
Françoise Kerleroux
Mark Klein
Anne Lacheret
Bernard Laks
Sarah Leroy
Colette Noyau
Thierry Poibeau
François Rastier
Tobias Scheer
Pascale Sébillot
Anna Sores
Nathalie Vallée
Florence Villoing
Geoffrey Williams.

Important dates:
Submission deadline: January 26, 2004
Authors' notification of acceptance: March 22, 2004
Conference: April 29 & 30, 2004

The Setting up of Observables in Linguistics
ColDoc'2004 - Modyco (UMR 7114) young researchers' conference
Paris X Nanterre, Salle des colloques, Bâtiment B
200, avenue de la République
92001 Nanterre Cedex

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