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20th International Conference on
    Computational Linguistics
     23 - 27 August, 2004

   Uni-Mail, University of Geneva
     Geneva, Switzerland

    under the auspices of the ICCL
(International Committee for Computational Linguistics)


(1)  Call for Papers
(2)  Call for sponsors
(3)  Call for exhibitors
(4)  Planned Workshops
(5)  Planned Tutorials


(1)  Call for Papers

COLING-04 solicits submissions of original and unpublished papers in
all areas of computational linguistics, natural language processing,
human language technology -- in short, all and any work contributing to
the theory and practice of processing natural language by computers.

The papers may

* be theoretical or application-oriented
* describe methods, environments and specific language processing
* relate to spoken or written language processing
* relate to phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics,
   discourse or any combination of the above
* present small specialized or large integrated systems
* relate to the tasks of text understanding or generation
* relate to any type of application and any subject and task domain
* describe machine-tractable treatment of specific phenomena in any
* relate to knowledge resources and their acquisition and maintenance
* be devoted to cross-linguistic work in applications and resource
* present output and resource quality evaluation reports.

The program committee especially encourages the submission of
high-quality innovative work even if it does not fall into one of the
established research and development paradigms in the field.

The teams of COLING reviewers will be coordinated by the Program

Christian Boitet		Grenoble University
Nicoletta Calzolari          	University of Pisa
John Carroll                   	University of Sussex
Eva Hajicova                   	Charles University
Nancy Ide                      	Vassar College
Tanya Korelsky              	CoGenTex, Inc.
Winfried Lenders           	University of Bonn
Dan Melamed                 	New York University
Dan Moldovan                	University of Texas at Dallas
Srini Narayanan                 ICSI
Sergei Nirenburg (Chair)  	University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Martha Palmer   		University of Pennsylvania
Antonio Sanfilippo		Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Harold Somers 	        	UMIST
Wayne Ward 		        University of Colorado
Shuly Wintner   	 	University of Haifa

   Important Dates:

Paper submission deadline:     March 26, 2004
Notification of acceptance:    May 14, 2004
Camera-ready versions:         June 7, 2004

   How to Submit:

The main conference solicits original unpublished contributions in two
- regular papers presenting mature research results (at most seven
   proceedings pages) and
- project notes describing intermediate results of ongoing research
   projects or system demonstrations (at most four pages).

Templates for paper formatting are available at:

For further information please see:

Submissions must be electronic.
The address to which the papers should be submitted will be available
in the near future.

(2)  Call for sponsors

If you are interested in sponsoring the Coling conference please
contact us via

(3)  Call for exhibitors

If you are interested in exhibiting at the Coling conference please
contact us via

(4) Planned Workshops

International Joint workshop on Natural Language Processing
in Biomedicine and its Applications (NLPBA/BioNLP) 2004
     Nigel Collier, Patrick Ruch and Adeline Nazarenko

CompuTerm 2004: 3rd International Workshop on Computational
     Sophia Ananiadou and Pierre Zweigenbaum

5th International Workshop on Linguistically Interpreted Corpora
     Silvia Hansen, Stephan Oepen and Hans Uszkoreit

Psycho-Computational Models of Human Language Acquisition
     William Gregory Sakas

Romand 2004: 3rd workshop on RObust Methods in Analysis of Natural
Language Data
     Vincenzo Pallotta, Amalia Todirascu

Second International Workshop on Language Resources for Translation
Work, Research and Training
     Elia Yuste, Anna-Katherina Pantli, Gary Massey, Susanne Jekat

Capitalizing on an enhanced resource by taking into
account the user: the case of electronic dictionaries
     Michael Zock and Patrick St. Dizier

Recent Advances in Dependency Grammar
     Geert-Jan M. Kruijff and Denys Duchier

Computational Approaches to Arabic Script-based Languages
     Ali Farghaly and Karine Megerdoomian

eLearning for Computational Linguistics and computational linguistics
for eLearning
     Erhard Hinrichs, Lothar Lemnitzer, Detmar Meurers

Multilingual Lexical Resources for man and machines
     Susan Armstrong, Andrei Popescu-Belis, Dan Tufis,
     Gilles Serasset, Christian Boitet

(5) Planned Tutorials

Multilingual and Cross-Lingual Information Access
      Gareth J.F. Jones, Dublin City University, Ireland

Modeling Information Structure for Discourse and Dialog Processing
      Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Universitaet des Saarlandes, Germany

Natural Language Information Assurance and Security
       Victor Raskin, Purdue University, USA

The XLE Grammar Development Platform and Parser/Generator
       Miriam Butt, Universitaet Konstanz, Germany
       and Tracy Holloway King, Palo Alto Research Center, USA

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