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          First Call for Papers and Proposals
AMTA-2004 - The 6th Biennial Conference of the Association
        for Machine Translation in the Americas

     Location:  Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
           Dates: September 28 - October 2, 2004


            Theme: From Real Users to Research

The previous conference in this series (AMTA 2002) took up the theme
"From Research to Real Users" which asked participants to explore why
the research conducted on machine translation doesn’t seem to be
moving to the marketplace. The past two years have seen the beginnings
of change in this, as some research groups with data-driven
translation systems are commercializing their work, and rule-based
machine translation systems are introducing data-driven techniques to
the mix in their products.  For this conference, we reverse the
question, and take as our theme user needs and explore how or whether
market requirements are feeding into research programs.

Issues to be addressed:
*  system customizability, memory requirements, and other issues
   affecting commercial adoption
*  integration and customization work
*  general advances in quality (including: inherent limits on achievable
   quality? and varying quality by application?)
*  How are people using MT today?

The conference will host the following:

* Conference papers (five categories of papers):
  1. Research papers
  2. MT Users Session
  3. MT Research and Deployment Showcase
  4. Evolution of Machine Translation
  5. System Descriptions/Demonstrations

* Tutorials

* Roundtable/Panel Sessions

* Workshops

* Product Exhibition

Important Dates:

March 30 2004: Submission intention deadline for conference papers
(abstract of maximum of 200 words + title + category + author(s) name)

April 23 2004:
Submission deadline for roundtable/panel sessions
Submission deadline for tutorial proposals
Submission deadline for technical papers and presentations
Submission deadline for workshop proposals

May 15 2004:  Submission deadline for end user papers and presentations
June 11 2004: Notification to authors
July 2 2004:  Camera-ready copy due
July 23 2004: Final papers to publisher

All conference details available at:


Jeff Allen

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