Conf: LREC'04 : Call for discussion on Morphosyntactic Annotation Standardization

alexis.nasr at LINGUIST.JUSSIEU.FR alexis.nasr at LINGUIST.JUSSIEU.FR
Tue May 25 16:53:11 UTC 2004

Call for discussion on Morphosyntactic Annotation Standardization
ISO TC37SC4 meeting in conjunction with LREC'04

A preliminary proposal addressing the normalization of
morphosyntactic annotations is actually under
discussion within ISO subcommittee TC37SC4 on "Language
Resources Management". It tries to establish a generic
framework to allow morphosyntactic annotations for
various kinds of documents, various tagsets and various

After a first presentation last year at COLING'03, the
proposal will now be presented and discussed during the
next TC37SC4 meeting to be held on May 24-25 at Lisbon,
just before LREC'04. Because such an annotation
framework would benefit the whole NLP community and
should therefore get the largest possible consensus, we
would like to invite all interested people to browse
the current draft, send feedback before (and after) the
TC37SC4 meeting and/or attend this meeting.

We expect feedback on the current draft as well as
examples (tagsets, annotation frameworks, annotated
sentences) illustrating the potential weaknesses of the
current proposal.

Useful links:
        - Contact: Eric de la Clergerie <Eric.De_La_Clergerie at>
        - Mailing list: maf at
        - TC37SC4:
        - Preliminary draft:
        - Presentation slides:

Practical information (about TC37SC4 meeting)
	May 25th 9h00-12h30
	Universidade Nova de Lisboa
	Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas
	Avenida de Berna, 26 - C
	1069 - 061 Lisboa
	Tel: + 351 21 797 16 56

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