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                      SARA'2005: CALL FOR PAPERS

      Symposium on Abstraction, Reformulation and Approximation
         July 26th-July 29th 2005 (just prior to IJCAI'2005)

      Radisson SAS Airth Castle & Hotel, Stirlingshire Scotland

Notification of intent to submit:            February 20, 2005
Submissions (papers and extended abstacts):  February 25, 2005
Notification of acceptance/reject:           April, 10, 2005
Final copies:                                May, 8, 2005
Event:                                       July 26--29, 2005

Submissions are now being accepted for SARA'2005, and are due February
25, 2005.  Submissions may be either full papers or extended
abstracts.  Authors are requested to send a notification of intent to
submit, together with a draft title and short abstract, by February
20, 2005, to sara_submission at limbio-paris13.org

Graduate students whose research involves techniques of abstraction,
reformulation or approximation are highly encouraged to submit.

Email your submission as a PDF attachment to
                sara_submission at limbio-paris13.org
In the body of your email, please include the paper's title, abstract,
authors, and contact information.

Full details about the submission requirements and additional
information about SARA'2005 may be obtained from SARA'2005 home page:



SARA'2005 is an Artificial Intelligence symposium on all aspects of
abstraction, reformulation, and approximation. Like past editions,
SARA'2005 will offer stimulating technical presentations, insightful
invited talks, and ample space for discussion.

As per our traditions, SARA'2005 will will be located in a wonderful
setting: Radisson SAS Airth Castle & Hotel, Stirlingshire.  The Castle
is 20 minutes from Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, one of the
greenest and architecturally most beautiful cities in Northern Europe.

To facilitate transportation to IJCAI'2005, we will organize a shuttle
service to drive attendees from the SARA to the IJCAI conference site
in the afternoon of July 29th.  (Reservation and cost will be
announced at a later date.)

                   *** FOR MORE INFORMATION ***

Additional information may be obtained from the symposium home page at:


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