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International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems
November 4-6, 2004, Torino (Italy)

Check out conference program & (early) registration details on or below!

Looking forward to meeting you in Torino!


FOIS-2004 Conference Program
Wendesday, November 3
Workshop on the Potential of Cognitive Semantics for Ontologies

Thursday, November 4
 8:45-9:15     Registration and Reception
 9:15-9:30     Welcome Addresses
 9:30-10:30    Invited Talk: Amie L. Thomasson: Methods of Categorization
10:30-11:00   Coffee Break
11:00-12:30   Session 1: Categories
  Thomas Bittner, Maureen Donnelly, Barry Smith: Individuals,
     Universals, Collections: On the Foundational Relations of Ontology
  Fabian Neuhaus, Pierre Grenon, Barry Smith: A Formal Theory of
     Substances, Qualities, and Universals
  Jonathan Simon: How to Be a Bicategorialist
12:30-14:30    Lunch
14:30-16:00    Session 2: Perspectives
  Barry Smith: Beyond Concepts: Ontology as Reality Representation
  Simon K Milton: Top-Level Ontology: The Problem with Naturalism
  Joseph A. Goguen: Ontology, Society, and Ontotheology
16:00-16:30    Coffee Break
16:30-18:30    Session 3: Methodology
  Brandon Bennett: Relative Definability in Formal Ontologies
  William Andersen, Christopher Menzel: Modal Rigidity in the
      OntoClean Methodology
  Massimiliano Carrara, Pierdaniele Giaretta, Vittorio Morato, Marzia
      Soavi, Giuseppe Spolaore: Identity and Modality in OntoClean
  Klaus Lüttich, Till Mossakowski: Specification of Ontologies in CASL

Friday, November 5
 9:00-10:00    Invited Talk Peter Gärdenfors: How to Make the Semantic
                Web More Semantic
10:00-10:30    Coffee Break
10:30-12:30    Session 4: Semantics and Cognition
  Martin Raubal: Formalizing Conceptual Spaces
  Nicholas Asher, Pascal Denis: Dynamic Typing for Lexical Semantics -
      A Case Study: The Genitive Construction
  Massimo Poesio, Abdulrahman Almuhareb: Feature-Based
      vs. Property-Based KR: An Empirical Perspective
  Olivier Bodenreider, Barry Smith, Anita Burgun: The
      Ontology-Epistemology Divide: A Case Study in Medical Terminology
12:30-14:30    Lunch
14:30-16:00    Session 5: Social Reality
  Guido Boella, Leendert van der Torre: An Agent-Oriented Ontology of
      Social Reality
  Joost Breuker, Rinke Hoekstra: Core Concepts of Law: Taking Common
      Sense Seriously
  John Bateman: The Place of Language within a Foundational Ontology
16:00-16:30    Coffee Break
16:30-18:30    Session 6: Space, Time and Causality
  John Bateman, Scott Farrar: Towards a Generic Foundation for Spatial
  Maureen Donnelly: Relative Places
  John Stell, Matthew West: A Four-Dimensionalist Mereotopology
  Jos Lehmann, Stefano Borgo, Claudio Masolo, Aldo Gangemi: Causality
     and Causation in DOLCE

Saturday, November 6
 9:00-10:30    Session 7: Mind and Action
  Roberta Ferrario, Alessandro Oltramari: Towards a Computational
     Ontology of Mind
  Walter ten Brinke, David McG. Squire, John Bigelow: Supervenience in
     Content-Based Image Retrieval
  Dnyanesh Rajpathak, Enrico Motta: An Ontological Formalization of
     the Planning Task
10:30-11:00   Coffee Break
11:00-13:00   Session 8: Ontological Analysis
  Stefan Schulz, Udo Hahn: Ontological Foundations of Biological
  Mariano Fernández-López, Asunción Gómez-Pérez: Searching for a Time
      Ontology for Semantic Web Applications
  Mariana Casella dos Santos, James Matthew Fielding, Christoffel
      Dhaen, Werner Ceusters: Philosophical Scrutiny
    for Run-Time Support of Application Ontology Development
  Palash Bera, Yair Wand: Analyzing OWL Using a Philosophy-Based
13:00-13:15   Conclusion


FOIS-2004 Registration Details (including the workshop on November 3rd)


Regular fee:

Early registration (before 30/9/2004):.....................190 Euro

Late registration (after 30/9/2004 until 3/11/2004):...240 Euro

Onsite registration:..............................................260 Euro

Student fee:

Early registration (before 30/9/2004):......................40 Euro

Late registration (after 30/9/2004 until 3/11/2004):....50 Euro

Onsite registration:...............................................60 Euro

How to register:
The registration is done in electronic form.
Payment can be done by bank transfer or by credit card (all major
cards accepted except Diners).
A hardcopy of the registration form must be sent immediately by fax to
EDENTOURS with credit card details or receipt of the bank transfer
(if you pay by bank transfer, make sure that the transfer is made with
ALL the costs at your charge).
Students must include proof of their status.

Via Accademia Albertina 3 bis
10123 Torino - ITALY
TEL +39 011 8174746
FAX  +39 011 8174749
E MAIL: edentours at

>>From outside ITALY
Acc. number: 49686
International coordinates: IT96 L030 4801 0000 0000 0049 686
Bank: Banca del Piemonte
Address: Via Cernaia 7, Torino ITALY

>>From ITALY
Acc. number: 49686
ABI 03048
CAB 01000
Bank: Banca del Piemonte
Address: Via Cernaia 7, Torino ITALY

Proceed to registration

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