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Wed Aug 17 10:41:30 UTC 2005

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Well, I voted for the Green Party. Just shy of selecting "None of The Above" or officially declining my vote, I decided to choose something viable that wasn't NDP or Liberal. Once I made the decision, it was the first time I felt content since the election hype got into full swing. I knew I would vote YES on the new order of preference voting system. But I felt like I had to choose between the NDP that had broken my province and the Liberals that had eviscerated the people I'd spent years working with in social service roles. I'm not an environmentalist, but I'm definitely taking on the One Tonne Challenge (although it's not too tough since I hate driving and my bus pass is by far cheaper than the combination of gas and a downtown parking pass). And I support the Kyoto Accord, so the vote isn't totally random. Most importantly, I don't feel my vote was wasted. No more than a quiet soprano in a choir.3

kindest regards,

Colby Snider

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