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    Hot Oil Pick Of The Week- ORTE

We have uncovered a diamond here, ORTE is
on the move for strong continued success.
We are recommending it to all of our readers
this week. With experts saying oil can reach
five dollars per gallon by the end of the
year, the oil industry is in strong demand
more than ever before. This is why we are
recommending ORTE now, this one will sky
rocket easily, get it immediately.

*Company: Oretech, Inc.
*Symb0l: ORTE . Pk
*Current-Price: . 55
*52 Wk High:  1. 60
*3 to 4 Day target: 1. 10+
*6 months taeget: 2. 30+

Company Inside News:

Oretech Announces Positive Test Results Extracting
Oil from Tar Sands.

Oretech, Inc. announced today that the company has
recently completed test processing on tar sands from
the Athabasca region of Alberta, Canada. Preliminary
results indicate the extraction of oil is apparently
a higher percentage than that which is extracted by
conventional methods, while remaining extremely
environmentally friendly. The API gravity of the
bitumen (oil) is significantly upgraded during the
extraction process.
Alberta's tar sands comprise one of the world's two
largest sources of bitumen; the other is in Venezuela.
These oil reserves are second only to Saudi Arabia,
and are found only in three places in Alberta -- the
Athabasca, Peace River and Cold Lake regions -- covering
a total of nearly 140,800 square kilometers. These tar
sands currently represent 54 per cent of Alberta's total
oil production, and about one-third of all the oil
produced in Canada. Output of marketable tar sands
production increased to 858,000 barrels per day
(bbl/d) in 2003, up from 741,000 bbl/d the year
before. It is anticipated that in 2005, Alberta's
tar sands production may account for one-half of
Canada's total crude output and 10 per cent of
North American production. 

Oretech, Inc. has developed a proof of concept model
that represents a breakthrough in oil extraction from
Tar Sand processing technology. Its business model
is to be a leading edge developer and licensor of
proprietary innovative technology that reduces the
cost of extraction of noble metals (Gold / Silver
/ Platinum / Titanium) and energy resources (Oil
Extraction from Tar Sand and Shale). Focusing on
reducing pollution of the environment, Oretech
is known for its breakthrough materials processing
technology, which extracts specific minerals from
diverse feedstock and raw materials without the
use of harmful chemicals or the emission of
environmentally unsafe gases. auxiliary

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