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       Formal Ontologies Meet Industry



       June 9-10, 2005

       Lazise, Lake of Garda, Verona (Italy)


This event is jointly organized by:
      - University of Verona
      - Creactive Consulting S.r.l., Affi
      - Laboratory for Applied Ontology, ISTC-CNR, Trento

and supported by
      - Knowledgeboard
      - Knowledgeweb



Modeling corporate knowledge is one of the most attractive themes in
applied research and it has been an important motivation for several
areas of investigations like distribute systems and knowledge
management. Clearly, the business world considers this issue of
strategic relevance and keeps paying particular attention to it
because many theoretical results have already been proved
effectiveness in real applications like data warehouse construction,
information infrastructure definition, and all processes and
applications of knowledge management.

These knowledge models in industry aim at providing a framework for
information and knowledge sharing, reliable information exchange,
meaning negotiation and coordination between distinct organizations or
among members of the same one.

With the application of new methodologies and techniques in the
everyday practice and the accessibility of new theoretical results in
this area, developing new tools based on more sophisticated frameworks
has become a common need. This is an important reason for the
increasing interest in the employment of formal ontologies in fields
like medicine, engineering, financial and legal systems, and other
business practices.


The workshop is a forum to meet and discuss problems, solutions,
perspectives and research directions for researchers and
practitioners. We welcome papers or project descriptions that aim at
applying formal ontologies in industry. In particular,

   - theoretical studies on formal ontologies committed to provide
sound bases for industrial applications and to allow formal
representation of corporate knowledge;

   - business experiences on case studies that single out concrete
problems and possible solutions; the experience analysis should
provide useful insights on social and strategic aspects that might be
relevant in the creation and deployment of formal ontologies as well
as useful criteria or methods to evaluate ontologies and their
effectiveness in applications.



A selection of the best papers accepted at the workshop will be
reconsidered for publication in a special track of the international
journal 'Applied Ontology'


Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

    - ontology methodologies in business practice;
    - ontologies and corporate knowledge;
    - ontologies adaptation within organizations;
    - formalization of the know-how;
    - representation of artifacts and design;
    - representation of functionalities;
    - representation of knowledge and business processes;
    - linguistic representation in organizational knowledge;
    - linguistic problems in organizational standard code and
codification processes;
    - enterprise modeling;
    - ontology evaluation;
    - ontology changes and developments within organizations;
    - representation of business services;
    - ontologies and electronic catalogs;
    - ontologies and e-commerce;
    - ontologies and marketing;
    - ontologies in the practice of engineering;
    - ontologies in the practice of medical sciences;
    - ontologies in finance.

We also encourage submissions which relate research results from
close areas connected to the workshop topics.


Important dates

Workshop: June 9-10, 2005

Deadline for paper submissions: March 4th, 2005

Notification of acceptance: April 4th, 2005

Camera ready submission: May 2nd, 2005


Submission and Proceedings

We invite two types of submissions in any of the topics of interest
to the workshop:

1. Technical papers
    Maximum 10 pages, excluding title page and bibliography.

2. Short position papers
    Maximum 4 pages, excluding title page and bibliography.

Submitted papers will be peer-reviewed and selected on the basis of
technical quality, relevance of the described experiences (depending
on the type of submission), and clarity of the presentation for  for
the workshop. In particular, we insist the paper to be written for a
wide audience. Accepted papers will be presented at the workshop, and
published as proceedings.

All papers should be electronically submitted in PDF format to
Roberta Cuel at:
     cuel at sci.univr.it

If electronic submission is not possible, please contact Roberta
Cuel at ph +39-045-802-7908 (or at cuel at sci.univr.it) for further


Program Committee (to be completed)

Chair Matteo Cristani (University of Verona -- cristani at univr.it)

Nicola Guarino (LOA-CNR, Italy --  guarino at loa-cnr.it)

Stefano Borgo (LOA-CNR, Italy -- borgo at loa-cnr.it)

Miltidias Lydras (Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece
-- mdl at aueb.gr)

York Sure (Institut AIFB Universitaet Karlsruhe, Germany --
sure at aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de)

Paulo Leitao (Polytechnic Institute of Bragana, Portugal --
pleitao at ipb.pt)

Wolfgang Maass (University St. Gallen, Switzerland -
Wolfgang.Maass at unisg.ch)

Roberta Cuel (University of Verona, Italy -- cuel at sci.univr.it)

Francesco Bellomi (University of Verona, Italy --
bellomi at sci.univr.it)

Roberta Ferrario (LOA ISTC-CNR, Italy -- ferrario at loa-cnr.it)


Please do not hesitate to contact any of the Organizing Committee
members for further details.


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