[ln] Seminaire: Eleni MILTSAKAKI, Annotating the Penn Discourse Treebank, Paris 7, 17 janvier 2005

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Date: Fri, 17  Dec 2004 16:30:52 +0100
From: anne abeille <abeille at linguist.jussieu.fr>
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Dans le cadre d'une coopération internationale
avec l'Univ Paris 7 (LLF),
Eleni MILTSAKAKI (Univ Pennsylvania)
fera une conférence
le lundi 17 janvier
a 16h
salle 134, 1er etage, batiment RFF
92 avenue de france
Paris 13e, metro bilbiotheque

Title: Annotating the Penn Discourse Treebank: A bottom-up approach to
discourse structure

In this talk I will present a new discourse level annotation project,
the Penn Discourse Treebank (PDTB). In PDTB, we annotate discourse
connectives and their arguments. Rather than starting from abstract
discourse relations, we describe an approach to annotating a large
scale corpus in terms of a more basic characterization of discourse
structure. The PDTB provides a discourse layer of annotation on top of
the existing Penn Treebank (syntactic annotation) and PropBank
(semantic annotation) thus supporting the extraction of useful
syntactic and semantic features and providing a rich substrate for the
development and evaluation of practical algorithms. During the talk I
will give a brief overview of the PDTB project and present a detailed
analysis of inter-annotator agreement for a fraction of the corpus.
Time permitting, I will also talk about our latest studies on sense
disambiguation of connectives.

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