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Our apologies if you have received multiple copies of this announcement

ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Special Offer
We are happy to announce that the following monolingual and
multilingual dictionaries are available at half price for a purchase
made before the end of December 2004:

Monolingual dictionaries:
ELRA-L0049 SCIPER-FR French Monolingual Dictionary, for description
see: http://www.elda.org/catalogue/en/text/L0049.html
ELRA-L0050 SCIPER-AN English Monolingual Dictionary, for description
see http://www.elda.org/catalogue/en/text/L0050.html
ELRA-L0052 SCIPER-ES Spanish Monolingual Dictionary, for description
see http://www.elda.org/catalogue/en/text/L0052.html

Multilingual dictionaries:
ELRA-M0033 SCI-FRAN French-English Bilingual Dictionary, for
description see http://www.elda.org/catalogue/en/text/M0033.html
ELRA-M0035 SCI-FRES French-Spanish Bilingual Dictionary, for
description see http://www.elda.org/catalogue/en/text/M0035.html
ELRA-M0037 SCI-ANES English-Spanish Bilingual Dictionary, for
description see http://www.elda.org/catalogue/en/text/M0037.html

Other formats and other services may be supplied by the data owner
upon request (e.g. conversion into buyer's formalism, selection of
subsets of the words missing from your own dictionary).

More information about these resources and many others is available in
our on-line catalogue, at www.elda.org.

Cordialement/Kind regards,

Helene Mazo
Communication & Marketing

55-57, rue Brillat-Savarin
75013 Paris FRANCE
Tel: (+33) 1 43 13 33 33 / Fax: (+33) 1 43 13 33 30
URL: http://www.elra.info or http://www.elda.org

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