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Apologies for multiple posting!
Please, pass the information to whom may be interested. Thanks.

A few research positions may be available starting in the interval
November 2005 - October 2006 in the Research Group on Mathematical
Linguistics at Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona, Spain).

The web site of the group (the host institute) is:

http://www.grlmc.com or http://pizarro.fll.urv.es/continguts/linguistica/proyecto/grlmc.htm


The eligible topics are the group's current or future research directions:

- Formal language theory and its applications.
- Bioinformatics.
- Biomolecular computing and nanotechnology.
- Language and speech technologies.
- Formal theories of language acquisition.
- Computational neuroscience.

Other related fields might still be eligible provided there exist
strong enough candidates for them.


- The positions are intended to develop an advanced training +
  research project in collaboration with the host institute during
  12-24 months.
- They will be filled in under the form of either a work contract or a
- There is no restriction on the candidate's age.
- Though there is no particular preference, candidates in the first
  decade of their research career are encouraged to apply.


- Having at least 4 years of postgraduate research experience or
  having got a PhD degree by October 16, 2005 at the latest.
- Being national of one of the 25 European Union member states or of
  one of the 4 European Union associated candidate states (Bulgaria,
  Croatia, Romania, Turkey) or of one of the 5 European Union
  associated states (Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Norway,
  Switzerland), who has not resided and carried out her/his main
  activity in Spain for more than 12 months in the last 3 years
  (reference date: February 16, 2005).
- Spaniards are ineligible unless they have resided and carried out
  their main activity in a third country for at least 4 of the last 5
  years (reference date: February 16, 2005).


- They include: a generous monthly salary depending on the
  researcher's experience, family situation, and sort of project (lab
  or non-lab), plus a travel and mobility grant, and a health
- Candidates from developing countries or emerging/transition
  economies will be eligible later for a reintegration grant in their
  home country for half the time they spent in Spain.


It will consist of 2 stages:

- a pre-selection based on CV and carried out by the host institute,
- a proposal, to be evaluated by the funding agency.


Expressions of interest are welcome until January 30, 2005. They
should include the researcher's full CV and mention "2005-3" in the
subject box. The outcome of the preselection will be reported
immediately after. For the preselected candidates, the deadline for
the submission of the proposal will be February 16, 2005. Directions,
advice and support will be given to them by the host institute.


Carlos Martin-Vide
carlos.martin at urv.net

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