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Huygens heads toward Saturn moon

By Michael Coren

(CNN) -- The Huygens probe is plunging through the orange clouds of =
Saturn's moon Titan, and scientists hope to soon have their first =
glimpse of the mysterious moon.

Scientists early Friday said all appeared to be going well with the =
saucer-shaped probe as it entered the thick atmosphere of Titan.

"The baby is alive," one mission scientist said after the probe sent a =
radio signal to Earth once it had begun its descent.

Data from the probe should start trickling in to mission control about =
10:13 a.m. ET (1513 GMT).

"It's going to be the most exotic place we've ever seen," said Candice =
Hansen, a scientist for the Cassini-Huygens mission. "We've never landed =
on the surface of an icy satellite. We know from our pictures that there =
are very different kinds of geological processes."

The Cassini-Huygens mission is an unprecedented $3.3-billion effort =
between NASA, the European Space Agency and Italy's space program to =
study Saturn and its 33 known moons. The two vehicles were launched =
together from Florida in 1997.

"The mission is to explore the entire Saturnian system in considerably =
greater detail than we have ever been able to do before: the atmosphere, =
the internal structure, the satellites, the rings, the magnetosphere," =
said Cassini program manager Bob Mitchell at NASA.

The Huygens probe, about the size of a Volkswagen-Beetle, has been =
spinning silently toward Titan since it detached from the Cassini =
spacecraft on December 24. Cassini will remain in orbit around Saturn =
until at least July 2008.

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