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The CLEF series of system evaluation campaigns aims at promoting
research into the design and development of user-friendly,
multilingual, multimodal retrieval systems.

Registration opens for CLEF 2005 on 31 January.

The objective of CLEF 2005 will be to test different aspects of mono-
and cross-language information retrieval system performance. There
will be eight tracks this year:

1. Multilingual Document Retrieval on News Collections (Ad-Hoc)
2. Mono- and Cross-Language Information Retrieval on Structured
   Scientific Data (Domain-Specific)
3. Interactive Cross-Language Information Retrieval (iCLEF)
4. Multiple Language Question Answering (QAatCLEF)
5. Cross-language Retrieval in Image Collections (ImageCLEF)
6. Cross-Language Spoken Document Retrieval (CL-SR)
7. Multilingual Web Track (WebCLEF)
8. Cross-Language Geographical Retrieval (GeoCLEF)

Data Release - from 15 February 2005
Topic Release - from 15 March 2005
Submission of Runs by Participants - from 15 May 2005
Release of relevance assessments and individual results - from 15 July
Submission of paper for Working Notes - 15 August 2005
Workshop - 21-23 September (in conjunction with ECDL 2005)

The CLEF 2005 multilingual corpora include:
- news documents in 12 European languages
- social science databases in German and Russian
- historical photographs and medical image collections with text
  and/or annotations in English, French and German

- spontaneous conversational speech
- multilingual collection of web documents from European governmental

For full details on the CLEF Agenda and Task Description for 2005 and
instructions on How to Participate, see http://www.clef-campaign.org

For further information, contact:
Carol Peters - ISTI-CNR
Tel: +39 050 315 2987
Fax: +39 050 315 2810
E-mail: carol.peters at isti.cnr.it

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