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Breaking News!!

CDTC Announced That They Have Rebranded As NEX2U
CDTC Inc., the premier provider of multimedia catalogs, revealed its new brand today as NEX2U(TM) (CDTD). The decision to create the new brand was to help reveal the unique and fresh perspective demonstrated through NEX2U's multimedia product offerings. 

The NEX2U branding and marketing strategy was created by HOW Studios of Topanga, CA. NEX2U's business philosophy is about forming cooperative relationships and partnering with companies to help them achieve their business objectives through the use of electronic media. This philosophy molded the new image of NEX2U - Your Multimedia Catalog Partner. 

Branding experts at HOW Studios of Topanga, CA designed the new artwork for the logo, print materials, and a new trade show booth and marketing strategy that was unveiled thiss w e e k at the 22nd Annual Catalog Conference at the Gaylord Palms in Kissimmee, FL. Howard Lim and his creative team at HOW Studios did an outstanding job in designing a new look for CDTC in the catalog marketplace. 

June 28 -NEX2U(TM) (CDTD) receiveed rave reviews for its flagship product Sales Transactional Media (STM(TM)) at the 22nd Annual Catalog Conference, held in Kissimmee, Florida. 

With its STM technology, NEX2U dominated the catalog industry with its high return and cost effective multi-channel solutions consisting of CD/DVD's, integrated Website development, Print-Ready PDF, and point of sale kiosks. STM allows companies to 0ffer a seamless online/offline shopping and branding experience for the catalog and internet-weary consumer. 

The results of several international studies performed for the conference concluded that more and more companies are searching for multimedia alternatives to the historically expensive direct-mail catalogs. Rising postage and paper costs for 2006 are causing large-scale catalogers to rethink their marketing initiatives opening up the 0pp0rtunity for NEX2U(TM) to position itself to lead the industry by introducing both B2B and B2C digital catalog environments. 

"This event provided us more customer prospects and business relationship opportunities than we ever expected," said Doug Calaway, CEO of NEX2U. "It generated hundreds of sales leads in the US. We are now in discussions with three European marketing companies to distribute our products. The event reinforced the value that our products bring to the industry." 

About HOW Studios 

As founder and president of HOW Studios, Howard Lim empowers clients to realize success through Authentic Brands(TM). Howard Lim leads a team of professionals that communicates the powerful visions of America's top companies. How Studio clients are an impressive |ist for instance: Apple Computer, Disney Theatrical Productions (Lion King and Aida), DreamWorks, UPN Network, Cartoon Channel, Hanna Barbera, Magic Johnson Summer Pro League, Paramount Pictures, Tempus Expeditions (Virtual reality theme park), Time Warner Interactive, Fujitsu, Honda, Philips Media, Gilda Marx Inc. (Stars of Tomorrow) and Toshiba. He exceeded the expectations of every client.

About CDTC (now NEX2U, Inc.) 

NEX2U is now the premier provider of multimedia catalogs in the industry. Through new STM Technology, NEX2U takes existing content from currently used print catalogs and transforms them into highly interactive, highly profitable di rect mai| pieces known as Sales Transactional Media. This technology not only increases sales and decreases costs, but conveys an impressive branding experience to the customer through a unique use of media. 


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