Presenting Refinances made easy

Mabel Jennings klemfkwlqx at BIGFOOT.COM
Fri Jul 8 15:14:01 UTC 2005

After further review upon receiving your applicattion,
your current morrtgage qualiffies for a 3% lower ratee!

We have tried to contact you on several occasions
and time is running out!

This is our last attempt.

Let me explain,
This is no lie.
This is reality.

8 Millions of Ameri3Tcans have alr`ea`dy re-financed this month alone!

So why not you?

Refi_nanc_ing just makes sense.

tyranny inflicted upon Mia. That's where I revolted against this red system. After taking the first step of revolt, I felt that numerous people were waiting for that first step. I only remained alone till the first step and then I was thronged with myself, the common man. We ejected the fear out of people's hearts. The lava of emotions was given way and it melted that system to ashes. The country that had stretched the largest darkness on earth had lost its spell. The people living under the red sun found freedom; a freedom of their own "No, I don't 

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