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                            JUST PUBLISHED


        Nancy Ide and Nicoletta Calzolari, Co-Editors-in-Chief

                       Special Inaugural Issue

                        Volume 39**, Number 1


               Available online at

Language Resources and Evaluation is the first publication devoted to
the acquisition, creation, annotation, and use of language resources,
together with methods for evaluation of resources, technologies, and
applications. The special inaugural issue is dedicated to the memory
of Antonio Zampolli, who pioneered efforts to develop and use language
resources to enhance language processing.

The second issue of LRE, to appear shortly, will be a special on
Advanced Issues in Question Answering, edited by James Pustejovsky and
Janyce Wiebe.

First issue Table of Contents

Introduction to the Special Inaugural Issue

      Nancy Ide and Nicoletta Calzolari

European Language Resources Association: Background, Recent
Developments, and Future Perspectives

      Bente Maegaard, Khalid Choukri, Nicoletta Calzolari,
      and Jan Odijk

Some of My Best Friends are Linguists

      Frederick Jelinek

Developing Language Technologies with the Support of Language
Resources and Evaluation Programs

      Joseph Mariani

Accuracy and Suitability: New Challenges for Evaluation

  Margaret King

Can We Talk? Methods for Evaluation and Training of Spoken Dialogue

      Marilyn Walker

Thesaurus or Logical Ontology: Which One Do We Need for Text Mining?

      Junichi Tsujii and Sophia Ananiadou

Hybrid Architectures for Machine Translation Systems

      Gregor Thurmair

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Speech as the Expression of Affect
Rather Than Just Text or Language

      Nick Campbell

**The volume series numbers have been retained from the journal  
Computers and the Humanities, which LRE replaced.

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