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Je suis heureux de vous annoncer la naissance de la revue Corpora.

Jean Véronis

A New Journal: Corpora
Tony McEnery (General Editor)
Paul Baker (Commissioning Editor)
Mark Davies (Reviews Editor)
Paul Rayson (Production Editor)
Corpora is a new journal focusing on the many and varied uses of
corpora both in linguistics and beyond. The journal accepts articles
presenting research findings based on the exploitation of corpora as
well as accounts of corpus building, corpus tool construction and
corpus annotation schemes. The journal has three key features:

Theoretical inclusiveness: the journal will not be wed to one
theoretical position. It will welcome and accommodate the work of a
wide range of theorists using corpus data.

Interdisciplinarity: the journal will actively seek to promote a cross
fertilization of ideas and techniques across a range of areas (applied
linguistics, computational linguistics, corpus linguistics,
theoretical linguistics) and disciplines (e.g. cultural studies,
historical studies, literary studies) in the belief that these areas
have something to offer to each other through their common focus on
corpus data.

Multilinguality: the journal will engage with the full range of human
languages, not just the English language or major European languages.

The journal accepts long and short articles as well as
book/software/corpus reviews:

Long papers: research papers reporting on completed research based
upon corpora. These papers will be 5,000-10,000 words in length;

Short papers: research papers reporting on corpus construction. This
may take the form of a report on the construction of a corpus, the
development and application of an annotation scheme, the development
of automated annotation systems etc. These papers will be 2,500-4,000
words in length.

Reviews: typically of no more than 1,500 words. May review books,
corpora or corpus tools.

The first edition of the journal will be published in May 2006. For
submission and subscription details see:

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