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Advanced Powerline Technologies Announces Acquisition
of Advanced Intellectual Property for Broadband over
Power Line and Power Line Communications.

Advanced Powerline Technologies, Inc.,
(Pink_Sheets:APWL) announces the acquisition of certain
advanced intellectual property for Broadband over Power
Line (BPL) and Power Line Communications (PLC). Advanced
Powerline Technologies, Inc., further announced today
that it has acquired from three inventors all their
rights, title and interest in the most advanced
communications network using installed electrical power
lines that the company has seen. This technology is
fully described in pending patent application for
utility patents in the United States and elsewhere.
These assignments include all rights and privileges
under any letter of patent which may be granted from
any subsequent patent applications directed to this
invention including all rights throughout the entire
world including those to sue for all past infringements
which may have occurred prior to their execution of the

The inventors also agreed to participate and perform
all other acts which may be necessary or desirable to
obtain a grant of valid patents for this unique invention
in any other country throughout the world. The three
inventors provided a warranty that they have full right
to convey the entire right, title and interest to
Advanced Powerline Technologies, Inc., and that it is
free and clear of any encumbrance and that no other
agreement will be executed in conflict with the company's
acquisition of this technology. The company has engaged
the services of the extremely efficient patent law firm
of Patzik, Frank & Samotny LTD., located in Chicago,
Illinois to prosecute patents and protect this intellectual
property from any infringers to the benefit of Advanced
Powerline Technologies, Inc., and its shareholders. 

Advanced Powerline Technologies believes this is the
most advanced Broadband over Power Line (BPL) and
Power Line Communications (PLC) technology in the
world at this time. APT has been working diligently
for more than one year to validate, quantify and
acquire this technology as it believes it is a quantum
leap forward in the advancement of Broadband over Power
Line (BPL) and Power Line Communications (PLC) and
renders the other technology virtually useless in the
company's opinion. The company further states that
the acquisition of this intellectual property will
allow APT to fulfill its civic duty and corporate
commitment. The company will integrate this technology
throughout all its product lines under its corporate
standards. This shall catapult the company into the
forefront of Broadband over Power Line (BPL) and
Power Line Communications (PLC) making Advanced
Powerline Technologies, Inc., "THE WORLD LEADER

Advanced Powerline Technologies, Inc.'s, principal
business focus is to create and develop Broadband over
Power Line (BPL) and Power Line Communications (PLC)
friendly devices, products and services. The company's
principal products at this time are cellular phones
and liquid crystal display (LCD) digital televisions
with high definition tuners (HDTV). The company intends
on marketing the sales of cellular phones and High
Definition Digital Televisions (HDTV) internationally
and domestically. Upon the completion of research,
development, and the verification of test results of
the company's Broadband over Power Line (BPL) and
Power Line Communications (PLC) devices, the company
intends to utilize the technology within the existing
product platforms to enhance their capabilities.
Advanced Powerline Technologies, Inc.'s main products
will become Broadband over Power Line (BPL) and Power
Line Communications (PLC) friendly devices with the
Company's related hardware and system service.

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