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A special issue of the AI and Law Journal  on
Legal Ontologies and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Jos Lehmann, Maria Angela Biasiotti, Enrico Francesconi, Maria Teresa Sagri

§ Background

On June 6, 2005 - in conjunction with ICAIL-05 - the LOAIT workshop
was held to give a cross-section of the area of Legal Ontologies and
AI Techniques.  Similarly to past events organized in conjunction with
ICAIL-97, Jurix 2001 and ICAIL-03, the LOAIT workshop provided a
valuable opportunity for researchers and practitioners in AI&Law,
Legal Ontologies and related fields to discuss problems, exchange
information and compare perspectives.  The final statistics of the
LOAIT workshop are rather encouraging: 19 submissions; 10 long papers
plus 4 short ones selected for presentation and publication; 35
attendees; more than an hour of in-depth discussion concluding the

These figures point at an increasing interest of the larger AI&Law
community in the study and the use of Legal Ontologies. Ontological
approaches allow to encode legal knowledge at various levels of
specificity and formality.  Their steady diffusion may be understood
in terms of both their generality - Legal Ontologies offer a
sufficiently unified paradigm to researchers who deal with problems of
disparate natures - and their flexibility - due to their generality,
legal-ontological solutions are fairly easily reused over different
legal domains.

§ A Special Issue of the Artificial Intelligence and Law Journal

In order to confirm and support the increase of interest in
legal-ontological issues, the Editors of the Artificial Intelligence
and Law Journal wish to publish significantly reworked versions of the
LOAIT papers and of other (previously published or unpublished) papers
on the theme of Legal Ontologies and AI Techniques. The reworking of
the papers should consist in bringing them to the appropriate level
for publication on a journal and in consolidating references to the
most recent literature.  Authors are invited to submit papers
describing completed work, interesting problems or case studies
related to one or more of the topics of interest listed below.

Submitted papers will be refereed by two or more members of the
Editorial Board of the Artificial Intelligence and Law Journal, based
on originality, significance and technical soundness.

Topics of Interest

· Legal Ontologies  and Natural Language Processing
· Legal Ontologies and Machine Learning for classification tasks
· Legal Ontologies for text categorization
· Legal Ontologies and the Semantic Web
· Legal knowledge discovery and organization by AI approaches
· Ontologies and legal standard modelling languages
· Ontologies of property rights, persons and organizations, legal
  procedures, contracts, legal causality, etc.
· Ontological views on models of legal reasoning (e.g. regulatory
  compliance, case-based reasoning, reasoning with uncertainty, etc.)
· Multilingual and terminological aspects of regulatory ontologies
· Engineering of regulatory ontologies (e.g. conceptual analysis,
  representation, modularization and layering, reusability, evolution
  and dynamics, etc.)
· Experiences with projects and applications involving regulatory
  ontologies (e.g. legal knowledge based systems, legal information
  retrieval systems, e-government or e-commerce applications)
· Modeling legal norms, concepts, rules, cases, principles, values and
  procedures, methods for managing organizational change when
  introducing legal knowledge systems

Important Dates

· October 7, 2005: Paper submission
· November 11, 2005: Notification of acceptance
· December 2, 2005: Camera-ready paper
· January, 2006: Artificial Intelligence and Law - Special Issue

Submission Details

· Paper length: max. 15 pages
· Paper electronic submission on
· Camera-ready format on


· Laboratory for Applied Ontology (ISTC-CNR), Rome, Italy
Jos Lehmann jos.lehmann at

· Institute of Legal Information Theories and Techniques (ITTIG-CNR)
Florence, Italy
Maria Angela Biasiotti biasiotti at
Enrico Francesconi francesconi at
Maria Teresa Sagri sagri at

Related Info

LOAIT Workshop
LOAIT Proceedings secretary at

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