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Client Track Corporation Announces New
Acquisition on the Education Market

Client Track Corporation announced today
that it has entered into negotiations to
acquire a Dallas based company that provides
continuing professional education in several
states as well as manages a similar company
that is operating in 9 states. Management of
Client Track considers this market ripe for
consolidation. With the advent of internet
based sales, marketing, and delivery of CPE
products, the Company can sell into every
state with higher profit margins than
traditionally realized. The gross profit for
this type of product is estimated to be sixty
percent. If the negotiations are successful and
based upon initial projections, estimated net
revenue to CTKR should exceed $2,000,000 over
the next four years.

SALT Management, Inc., a Dallas based subsidiary
of Client Track Corporation, also announced
today a strategic alliance with a nationwide
credit card merchant services processor located
in Dallas. This alliance is estimated to
generate revenues in excess of $350,000 for
the Company in 2006 from sales tax consulting
to current restaurant clients of the processor.
The two companies will create a joint sales
force which will expand the reach of SALT
Management. SALT will also be opening an office
in Arizona to work with the clients of the
processor. In addition to tax consulting, SALT
will furthermore be able to sell merchant services
to its own client base. The merchant services
revenue should generate an added $300,000 in revenue
for the Company in 2006. This revenue is recurring
revenue and will therefore provide a solid
foundation for future growth.

Client Track Corporation, headquartered in Irving,
Texas, is a software and management consulting
provider, focused in the development and
implementation of account management products
for the debt management and money management

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